Monday, September 24, 2012

The Lost Cause

Deep regrets and sorrow, blame yourself to land in the emotions you borrowed,
A new life or the one perished, mean nothing, filled with hot air and dried tears,
Depth and the shallow heart felt sorries won’t budge the soul,
It’s the lost cause of love and the troubled heart has lost the war with the mind,

Disturbed and stretched, misunderstandings lead on to the brick pelted from the wall,
Move out of the way, leave no trail, the shadow remains to be faded away,
Headlines burst open the eyes and pops out a new fresh tear until another vanishes,
Tried to be the one, but forgot the count after the one had changed,

Pin pricked and dusted away from the so called closed bond, harsh and bitter,
Out of control and lost in the game played between us, left a strong jitter,
Man with the gun, said to himself, you'd run out of bullets, drop it,
A waste of an idea to be pondered nonetheless, was a complete misfit,

Bury the past to live the present for the distant future to come,
Trippy was the ride, misconception of a fool, riddled across the soul,
Fell blind in the eyes, seemed to never come back until to realize the big hole,
Hurt as many times in the notion of love to uproot its dwelling from my home.

Face or Haze

Tremendous energy the rock hit the bottom without a noise,
These many miles covered under the attack of the aging wisdom without a choice,
Final the respite offered by the poor to the rich under the culted belt,
There are options in life and there are things no one can't do without help,

Singing to the rhythms of the never unheard beats upbeats the harmony of life,
Scoop up with the marching on off the real bites of the tragedies that hit you,
Vulnerable the thoughts that pulled up in the time that caught up within the straight frame,
Bended them with the burdens of the reality and color them with black white hues,

Drained every bit of the fashion left in to cover the real with the unreal,
A lot of wood was burnt to keep the body warm and the air was ever so surreal,
Inside the rear, the back stage of the store, were kept the tool left to be explored,
No one to try and no one to hide, there were many yet few of them had the time to get floored,

Moving out of the deep mystery of what to do and what had been done,
The selfish and free, all had the same test just waiting to be run,
In few moments, carving the flow and soon the light lit up the the room filled with them all,
There was nothing left in haze, there were faces that always kept leaving the same hall.

Endless Wait

Directing the moments into a better direction, launched a mission just to win her love back,
Been a fool a million times, lost out on opportunities that paved way and made more cracks,
Crop circles or the candy floss, the sugar never tasted so bitter the day I felt your gap,
I know you've heard this from me a lot before, baby I am not a fake, for my love is true,

Lines drawn crooked and the circles rounded just like a wind breeze,
Come back to my arms, let me make up for the things I've done and let that moment freeze,
Crawling through the streets fighting my own shadow in search for the you,
Trust me give me a chance I’ll be your stamp and you be my glue

For me I am serving a justified pain and suffering under my burning skin,
After and after the one I see is you and you, please forgive me for my sin,
I’ll be your man, just come of the grays and never let us go into the big gloom,
My voice, my breathe, my soul is crying every moment to be with, to be your groom,

Pulled to the ends, the roped stretched and etched my life, be the scarlet of my life,
Trigger to my head, I don't know what will I do without you and my failed existence,
I will reach out to you at every corner, every blind turn I can get to you, for I am too persistent,
Be the bliss, I have erased every glitch, for the page I turn now is blank without you my love.

Petition for Love

Notifications, desperation and the wealthy yet so filthy imaginations of the destitute,
Never imagined will land in the sand so quick and submissive,
Insightful however are the ideas of development may it be the love of his,
It wasn't enough for the spider web he spun along with it poisoned his own creative gift.

How fast time flies pretends the events never fired and trimmed the real meaning of power,
Funny thing about that is the punch and crunch lies safe within us for the time is the carrier,
Spectacularly the brightness lit the whole room enough to blind for the heavy drapes were falling,
The pain and the surprise all were like the mixed pack of various cigarettes ready to burn up,

Face up, the consequences of what he had done, dropped the glass and shattered pieces,
Walking the life on the brim line he made for himself, hoping to catch her again,
Every feeling, the last drop of that shattered glass had the purest love he possessed,
For the disgust that brought him threw him more and more away from her,

An image of the best he could ever dreamt of, the way she had always been with him,
He cried for nights to forget the days, the way she kept up and adjusted, he was amazed,
For it’s not too late to file a petition to win her love back,
For the time left, let's make it a beautiful place to live in filled with memories to save and die for.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Pretty much high to note that how fast the time flies,
We have moved too far to catch upon the butterflies sitting on our backs,
Love and the catch that follow after it are the turn and burn of the soul,
It’s just a phase, hold on and try to grab my wings, I’ll be cool.

Tell me what you want to say, more than trying to be afraid,
Pull my hair, and raise the flag too high to get me to the deepest grave,
Millions miles may wonder the journey we put to rest,
There are very few in this world ready and build to give this big test,

Picture perfect moments we've spent, to the jinxed glories we've have sensed,
It’s all the righteous and the absolute defined in the books,
So what we fought and cried, the crops are always dried before they are tried,
Governed by the love we spun, there was nothing more and nothing less to hide,

Strict to the love, spent under the shades of the twisted demons of past,
Cover and degrade the burnt pages of the stupid files, boom and blast,
Catch my reflection, jump and sling on the branches spun for you,
Fly with patience to the heavens, for our love is always true,

Friday, July 27, 2012

Beginning of the End

It was a long stretched journey till the coffin had to be buried,
Sojourned and disembarked at the same and the poor child, hurried,
Intention the unknown devil of the poor crank hit him like the wave,
Softening the trunks of the shaded trees, and for the fruits they crave,

Keyed in the heavy inputs for the softer openings,
Complexity was too much and so were the much companionship restraining,
Fortune teller was so high; he couldn’t touch the ground,
There was no room to hide, until that old room was found,

The events had no chains and the djinn was kept under the leash,
Subscription to the other world, and the momentarily snitches were hidden beneath,
Glimpses of the shadows that followed those openings and cried,
Hell wasn't far, souls were dipped and prepared, and the bodies were fried,

Waiting around with a bucket bound to the neck for the price,
Offered a role in the neighbor of the devil himself, gratified with peace,
A gentle creak and the ears thirsty for some more noise, empty were the grave,
Sitting all alone the garden watching those stones become his everlasting crave.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Relics of Lusted Love

The willow on the bed cracked and the lamp shade faded,
Slowly moving out of time the land started shifting with the love jaded,
Nightmare dipped in the prefect blend of shadows,
Streets were full of withered leaves singing the tired mellows,

Caught in between the strings of trust and faith,
The fool was lead on to believe the mighty clouds full of love, were a wraith,
Cracked were the walls, with riveting out nails out of the paintings,
Lonely enough to find the fake deliverance of those things,

Soft spot and the sweet dent within the ushered curtains that hid the room,
Charred and scattered pieces on the floor needed more than a broom,
The three words, oh really, the fate and events and the deliberations,
Was the cotton as pure as it reflected in the real and was the affections?

The mirrored projections shown were enough to build the dreamt of castle,
But the heart couldn’t resist the old feelings, and brought upon miseries and hassles,
It rained and poured the roof couldn't hold for too long,
The lusted love, made it too weak, that once you deemed as strong.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Coup de Self

Bullet out of the gun, the clock has shot the sweat,
Save yourself, redeem, fight yourself because you are the biggest threat,
A comedy of circus, too short flight out of the box into the hall,
Bright billboards, short films, spilled out of hands, the golden ball,

Leisure and sports never go hand in hand, till the devil is in the stands,
Ignorance and the pretense of what affection is showered as LOVE,
Cravings of the intelligent pacify the needs of the ignorant fool,
Move out of the shadows not of try to hide the reality, and don't drool,

Love hurts, that’s what they say, pain is just the onset of the war,
Raging is what beneath oneself is the energy of a new born star,
Embalming the scenes and the panorama around the self in destruction,
Ask one where has this lead to and what is that dirty backyard construction,

The brute force within, the aftermath and capture of the feathers,
Orbiting forever the reality inside the brain and not the captivity of the lies,
For what lies inside the mortal and the habits that are never justified,
Binded by the motionless swings of the time, outrun the insanity of Lovers.

Pin Cushion

No matter the apple is ripe it is bitter in the end,
Tinkles of wine on the forehead and the mood is in swing my friend,
Love is in the air, the nerves are ever so pumped,
The innocent, heart, the true never knew of the later grindings,

Fragilities hit upon the tree birch and the leaves fell,
On to the grass trying to rot under the shadows of entrusted love,
Kept lying around the seeds of the fallen fruits around the well,
Shattered to the core like the fluttered wings of the dove,

Heavy price paid, to shed off the burdens sailing in the salted emotions,
Cushioned the pins thrusted promised to handle covered by hard earned situations,
Snap of the finger and the promise to live and die, ended too soon,
Unnoticed it went, deemed as mistake, deliberate the actions you were the fool,

Could feel the sweetness on the tongue, unable to handle its effects,
There were a few roses left in the garden, all had come with some or the other defects,
No room for rush at the bottom of the cliff, too crowded with the bodies,
Wish you had kept things pure and not landed in the state of sorries.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Loose Endings

Harder than the rock and weaker than the air,
Once you experience the enormity you won’t know its flare,
Binged by the stupid discussions forever,
Let’s end the topic right here, instead of sitting in the moment full of stares,

Pull up the windows and the frames; let the light flow in,
Too soft and too slow the movement is so heavy inside like a sin,
Nearest of the dreams and the distant visions seem full of life,
Scared to throat the fall of the dominos and the razor edge sharp knife,

The cave had set on him by the signal flare he shot high above,
Events started as prophesized to fall on him,
His hands were caught without the gloves,
Burnt by the burden more the heat, not so tired but shaken up sorry hymn,

Tighten the grip and drop loose the defective grip,
Life is full of short moments made to thrill,
Laughter and pride, the chants of the monks, to that blood drip,
Alone or together, hunt forward with pride and speed, as there is no time to kill.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Might or Mistake

Crossroads, the journey has just begun, not to pull down,
Moving up on the hill, don’t let the heart be concealed,
Keep the feelings deeply stuffed inside that withered patched up gown,
Mangoes or the apple orchards seemed the same rest he was just afraid,

The snow fall had just begun; winter seemed on the step,
Blues started ringing in the ears, fell on the covers of the trees,
Cried out long, pasted within the walls of his conscious banging the door,
Was he trapped in the bars, or stuck behind his own prolonged demands,

Feeble his footsteps out of the patchy yet so gloomy farm,
The events were openly listed for him to verify his deeds and his lost charm,
Reprimanded almost at every certainty by others for his thought,
There wasn't a single moment or a moment for his glory to be caught,

Not a single debt to be paid, free from all the mortgages on hi head,
Recalled and rebuffed, unafraid without any threats, his arms were wide spread,
Deep within the silence of the herds and the sweet melody of the birds,
He laid the voice of his own, to be kept safe, from the rest never to be heard,

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tailing The Circle

Creeping slowly inside hollow trying to fill,
It’s like you are back to the same landslide down the hill,
Attempts to lunge and plunge into the fresh waters no matter,
Carrying the dirt along at the end eventually shatters,

What it feels to lay low to be risen back again,
Is it the same that tends to drag you down back to the summer rains,
Cover up, or patching up the bruised up tracks,
Let them heal in the open, else they will leave dirty patchy cracks,

Emotional bliss, to the heavy winds to find that gentle kiss,
Lost in the deepest of the translations avoiding the contact,
Running in circles, catching up the tails trying to overcome the attack,
It won’t end so soon, reach to the root and you will find no room,

Hold out to the hand, lead in to the cliffs to the shore,
Waiting the boat to sailing waters leading to the destination,
Rescuing the running blood in your body from the state of desperation,
Unknowing, knowingly the battle will be won at the end, with the highest score.              

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Book

The streets are filled with colors of lights and that of joy,
The children are waving at the time, to cherish it in times of coy,
Its the book keeper marking every step and every note that stitches the pages,
All has been set and done, from sinners to the sages,

The writer took off in hurry to put down what he had noted,
Everything around seemed to him like a short form of his life’s history,
Into the ancient walls he had been plastering over and over again,
Deemed to lose at the end eventually called out for the profits with no gains,

The infinite bringing in the lights of the sun shades,
The rising fire flies i had besieged, and for what I had raised the flag,
The dangerous beckoning of the natures calls,
Finally the mortal cried about the money and the numerous cravings,

Hanging by the thread, this moment,
Fragile at the end, highly threatened,
Pick your lines carefully weighing their gravity,
Or else you'll quickly lose your sanity.

Monetary Faith

Forever young and golden the ages we pretend to fall into,
It never ceases to amaze the trickery it presents impromptu,
No religion no caste binds people in a way money binds,
Faith put on top of other forever scrutinizes and make you blind,

In the quest for faith and super-stitched-stitions ,
No pride filled with utmost possessions, attest the show off notions,
Easy to pull off the demoted convictions,
Rising on top of the rested attachments held for too long to become abrasions,

Falling into the hands of the healthy greedy,
put under rest and empty handed are the rightful needy,
Movement on the run forever to the mountains in search for the shelter,
Reason after everything and nothing that’s what been left to cherish,

Painting the walls red, the sun wasn't to bright for the color,
To the night, where the milkyness of the moon had its own flavor,
Breeding out of everyone existing under the false shadows is not easy,
Run by the priests to the people; work undone by all too breezy,

Saturday, June 30, 2012


Deep in to the finest of lands I landed,
Into the finest of the cravings I confined,
To trust the bindings that caught me within.
They are the embedded separating infinites,

Tough calls, heavy clocks, in the midst of the routine,
Tackling them all and handling and trying to be evergreen,
Forcing the path along the road to fit in it,
Everything had to be done very quickly, time was very swift.

Vocal and unfocussed the divine efforts that he had to put,
Submerged inside the hideous nature deep this had started to rust,
Peppered and garnished the full fledged movements deep lying,
There was not a single movement that fell and yet he kept trying,

In the shortage of the short time spans that led to the cramps,
Unadulterated the feelings and emotions fueled up the glory lamps,
Insight and the folklore sought many millions miles he lived to hear,
His was one of those to be adored and deemed by the rest as the frontier.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Heaven's Tears

The heavens poured their precious tears,
Upon the thirsty dried baked earth,
I looked to see the tiny droplets,
That to the flowers gave them rebirth,

They sparkle like a diamond,
But their worth to life is greater than,
For no diamond has for us served life,
Like heaven's tears do for a man,

I see the flowers that seem to smile,
And watch the grass before me grow,
The only part of this I dread,
For soon its time again to mow,

The boats, that on the dock, stack to the ground,
Will now be heard as the motors roar,
I know not why the heaven's cried,
Yet happy for their tears once more....

Monday, June 25, 2012

Stepping Forward

Finally stepped out of the fortress to enter the grounds,
it wasn't easy to march forward with so many hounds,
to tackle them dangers, needed a lot of courage,
Me and energy after all these years had come out of age.

Ignominy of being the one who left the place standing,
many were behind him to punish and do his branding,
Nevertheless with the support of the soul and the heart,
marked every step with faith he had restored and again crafted the start,

Failure, success, boundaries or imaginary staircase to the clouds,
all were built upon the power of what he held at his will and was just proud,
knocking at every door, every corner in search for the hand,
all he could find was nothing and the color of his surroundings were bland ,

Deemed to rise, and destined to succeed, was not a giver,
every moment of horror and cold he fought and did not shiver,
every single glory he leapt on to and was not the coward,
it was the his step forward and the risk that was forever honored.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Blank Trapped Senses

Paved the road out of the tracks,
there was a lot of black to fill in between those cracks,
fidgeting out of the way very small pieces of rocks,
they had to replaced many new ones just like fresh building blocks,

Cannot define in the moment, what has done,
justice was never served in hell, heaven was not the one,
anonymity strike heavy upon those iron ores,
the sail had just begun, there was a lot of time to reach the shore,

The chorus of the few sang out of many,
the draught was widespread, just like the bees without the honey,
echoing from the far lands of the living,
no one was ready to care, and no one was so ever caring,

To the shop, down the narrow lanes and the gates,
Saw a woman, staring, standing without a face,
Countless visions struck the seer,
unfortunate to find out that there were no peers.

Rare Life

Perfect, the distant, from the incomplete,
the yard has nets ready and loaded, yet the fishes were obsolete,
Strings of many and the things of few,
shipping things out of the hands, just like the leaf dew,

Pebbles struck beneath the strong currents,
There were no nothing left in the lake the rocks were blunt,
Left were the remains of the bland flavor of what was dead,
Life was very rare, on which time had fed,

Magnified into the mystical diversity of the found,
life was running after, barking, screaming just like a hound,
journey was too long to be felt on the road,
they were the obstacles, jumping like hiccups in the throat,

The trip had just ended, waiting for another to come,
it was the fight that led to the spark for the revolution,
many came up to the wall, but the brave ones were of the slum,
Nothing was new, something was special, life was rare in every generation.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Squeezing In

Long wait, the wind fell on the clouds to widen the gaps,
The time had passed by numb and undead just enough to be deemed as dead,
Dormantly sitting only memories were the left on which it could fed,
Risen again, back to hold up the handle left untouched perhaps,
Silent were the footsteps on the steep hill,
The work now left to be done only had no time to kill,
All it mattered the efforts and the motive for it had to be completed,
Losing neither was the option, nor could be rejected,
Stifled by the facts the things didn’t budge from their places,
Yet there was a slight hesitation there, that it tried to squeeze in,
Soon to realize and see, like always there waiting many faces,
And of all times this time, the space left was very thin,
Had to break the rust, the cold, shatter the ice to move ahead,
This time was different, the force behind every step was another,
Gushing along were the winds of straightened proportions mixed with strong emotions,
In search for the victory led the destiny and carved out the postponed sensations.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Planned Chaos

A faint of the drop of tears, trickling down the cheek,
Carrying the wound with you, deciding not be the freak,
The newspaper rolled out inside out like the heartfelt emotions,
Suppressed from long, and the beginning of the infinite revelations.

Plunge, and out again, the routine repeats itself again and again,
Felt like out of it for good, had to take another fall, with so much pain,
Head strong, weak heart, wronged the right in this path for the known unknown,
The call could be heard from long, waiting for the patience to give in to the shown,

The altitude of the attitude mattered at every step, defining every moment,
It is, was, will be risky to frisk the wrongs before the wrong do's you,
Wicked, blues, ahh the music figuring the real sweetness behind it, nascent,
Started again, a fresh, magical, just like fresh leaves and the settled dew,

Vivid, and descriptive, the heart we possess, for what we desire everything,
Nothing has lost the touch neither the candle lit will stop burning,
Time, is and will remain man's best friend and the enemy eluding him from instant truth,
It’s who we are and how we evolve to adapt ourselves in our youth.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Wake up from the bed, eyes heavy, feeling undone,
The thought of keeping alive the ticking off the clock,
There were more boat earlier than there are now on the dock,
It’s not a war, but a race, the finish line is not yours to hold,

Perseverance, patience and a glass full of emotions,
It’s all a key mixture of the feelings and ready for the retributions,
The clouds are pouring heavy, bring the down the cup, recollect,
Under the same sheet, the numbness, the ineffective dumbness, try to connect,

Mind the gaps, the bridge is too big to handle, cover up,
It is the disobedience towards you, leading to the pitfalls,
Move on carefully, there a lot of rocks waiting for you to slip up,
Life is easy, smooth, let time flow like a waterfall,

Philosophies come and go, what is left by is you,
Live by the present, enjoy, taste and digest the life and its various hues,
Retributions of the past, won’t let you enjoy the amendments of today,
Collect the flowers, wrap them, bind them and with you in a sweet bouquet.

Friday, April 6, 2012

High Spirits

Infinite craving of the destitute,
Hard to define the gravity of his attitude,
For the pride and glory he reek of,
Forever be not his the side kick in his honor,

Defended alleys with the grain in the bags brought from the home,
Soft parchments inside the silos lead to the opening of the dome,
Precedes within the sunlight transcending from the heaven,
Filtering the souls that strike the light in its way,

Far side, the heavy sight, so full with the enigma,
The staircase that he saw, all and forever magnified his charisma,
Upon the gift he possessed, and what he had to offer,
More or less no short of that was so pure and divine,

In the room, house, to the room, the mirror on the wall,
Peeked deep inside out and rushed like the smooth waterfall,
Heavy notes, the rock solid hit the bottom of the dive he plunged,
Many cracked versions, no short of the greatest story ever made and challenged,

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

To The Devil

The horse had been saddled up for the race,
The rider took on the leash full of grace,
Blended with the leather,
And heathen the long lost feathers,

Element of surprise, Look into the eyes, and picture,
There is an image built before the journey, of that creature,
For the fear and the hollow desperation to overcome was clear,
Danger, and the risks, shadowing the cause, empowered his fear,

Frisking the way out of the valleys and the narrow drains,
The conceptual devised it to happen as realistically as the cloud to the rains,
Mythically marching and leaping for the taste of the flavors that had been beckoning,
It was all in his and bound to soul and now was the time for a solid reckoning,

At this footsteps, the disposal of the attack he had to offer,
It all started in a rage and everything can out in the open in a blur,
Out of the cave standing tall, he hit the bottom, to kiss the ground,
Free and to the skies, the war was won, stood tall amongst all in that playground.

The Sail

In the midst of the heavy fog, the ship sailed,
The crew was afraid and unrest but the captain was unamazed,
As soon as it sailed and frayed under the strong current,
There was uneasiness amongst all and the mode was all set blatant,

Mast was on a verge of falling apart, about to ripped any moment,
The noise water made against the woods, made the crew more and more tensed,
This was the many of the sails for captain and it anything new,
But the crew this time was as fresh as the morning wind and they were few,

Stumbling and rumbling, the pressure was so crumbling, the sailors knees were fumbling,
It was the call that the captain had to answer, all now depended on his handling,
With the ship loaded with goods, it shared the space with rum barrels,
Delight on the face of sailors, the pressure eased till their ankles,

The sail had no time, no boundations, the crew was set on a journey with no limits,
It was the test they had been offered with a lot of money into their credits,
Ground was a distant figure for the way they had sought for days now,
Parched completely, with the salt all around them, existence was the common HOW,

A pin prick and the feeble skin, easy to flinch the thin,
All the time everyone kept wondering for what they have been paid ,
What was there worst of the sin,
Only the captain out of the all stood tall and resolute, unafraid,

With the bodies kept falling and the strings started loosening,
The One kept a belief, the notion, the figure, the land in his mind,
With the leaf he saw of the tree of the land, he clasped his hands,
Never let the body defeat the heart, and the Captain marched his band.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Contract

The rising sun has hit the shore at the end of the sea, never to be touched,
He felt it a millions of times without being hit by the ocean wave,
We all are passengers under the same contracts that beholds the existing,
Not to run and hide from the on goings, nothing to be afraid and to hide,

Sleeping for many days, for over the years are yet to hit the lazy,
Wake up miser, reap under the sun, shine like the crazy,
Rich stairs and the falling chairs, the randomness all around proves to be lethal,
Trip inside the best of the notes you've hit till day, crank up the and stop being feeble,

Numbers and the counts keep on increasing and mould into a different metal,
The contract has begun, its ticking with clocks hymn, every second,
Clap, grasps, fist up the movements, gather all your friends,
Suit up, tighten up, it is ticking, ticking and will slip out one day,

It’s getting darker, the moon has to go, make its way, before you could understand,
Feed yourselves, digest what you've been learned to swallow, and learn to demand,
The drugs no more work, the kick we crave for so much ever so lasting for few moments has died,
Fool, don’t you see, the things don’t work, open your eyes, your brain is getting fried.

"Demonic Suffering leads to Pin Pointed Cranky Happiness"
-Nishant Mohan

The Ringing Bells

The ringing bells in your head never cease to stop,
what breaks in between is the silence that we acquire for a moment,
The moment lasts many miles, and runs till we awaken and break out,
What if the bells toll to the end, and makes you sleep forever,

For the destiny has already been engraved deep,
For the route has to be decided by us and the path to foresee,
In between the reality and the golden dream we see for to shine,
There are a lot of abnormalities in the way that are sharp and fine,

Forging every step to reach the final successfully,
Tend to cover many tracks with fake and distant memories that cease to exist,
In the shadows of the green pastures the devils hides with the rake to uproot the rooted,
Stand tall and still with all the strength and faith and act before the arrow has been shooted,

Past, present, future, are all man made divisions of time,
What they fail to realize that, they are suiting themselves and creating different ways to adjust their crimes,
Near or far, love remains the same, what steps in between the adulterated emotions from the left overs,
Find a way, let the love and let its light to cover the darkness and move out of the covers.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Left, Right and the FINAL

Fake, untrue, unjust, detested and fallen,
All are just the devils way of corrupting the true,
What comes in between the normal rage of the fine blends?
The richness bound between the fine hit notes of the purity,

What a shame, leads to many more games, hidden under the closet,
Look up and taste the color of the skies on the onset,
Bright and sunny sights are easy to wonder and hard to capture,
All it takes a simple blow and the negative to rest inside the fracture,

Warmth, and the softness that we all crave for inside the womb,
Womb which we try to create every second for us and give ourselves room,
Oh, worldly saint, the sorrowed, the piper, beckon the bellows,
Paint and unrusted, all the things visible and uncover the horrors and sorrows,

Product of what can be thought of as the finest creation till date,
Open the dam, let it flow and just watch close and sit by the gate,
Control what you see and what you want, because at the end only you can make it,
For all you have been fighting for has been and will the perfect fit.

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Hall

Into the motionless lane of the bridged emotions tied by the strings,
That restless feeling, ever wished so immaculate air around all bound in the small fringes,
Wide open the ONE tries to see past them to calculate,
Nibbles on to March forward open blinded by the momentum of the plucked strings and their ever so delusional estimate,

Final edition of what has yet to be revealed,
I have a lot more of things to show you and to conceal,
How can the world notice the upbringings in these downfalls,
When I can only offer you me, myself, and the infinite cravings leading to the long hall,

Flashing by the big door stands my guard with the light ready to help you March,
Clocks no clocks, the time will always be by your side, learn to glow with its flow,
Not alone, your shadow always within the fortress I have built around you to run around,
The world is yours, absolve yourself from the already dissolved, and keep yourself above the ground,

Numbered lives with crooked days with the myriad of journeys to spend,
Don’t rush in, don’t be lazy, push forward and not dive in to grab the key before it’s too late,
Easy, open it, turn the knob, and wait for me patiently at the gate,
Step outside with me, refresh, and let me take care of you until the end.

Voguish Pandemonium

Star studded high flier the event was much of a promise,
Advertised but the ratio was big to pull off the surprise,
Ill raise the banner to the top of the cliff,
Call out your name and ask you to get stiff,

The shadows of the phoenix and the ashes of those birds,
I call out the name of the only ONE to see the turn of events and these dead herds,
Give love sometime and burn out the greed,
Talk and call out those souls, who are forever freed,

The forest is on fire,
There is nothing what the poet had desired,
There was a stable which is not that high,
The horses fled, all but not one,

Nature has its ways of presenting things to us,
And we always want to grab everything and to board on the bus,
There are something’s, rather feeling in life which can’t be grabbed,
Those are only granted to us, and those can never be bragged

The Uncertainty

Frequency, the brain is dead,
Pops open the eyes; your hair began to fall,
Things are OK, yet he says the life is fuzzy,
He asks, do you like me, still he is confused,

He talks about racism, happy to race with them,
Asks us about the whites, the darks, the blacks,
Yet he fails to realize he isn't liked,
And again, he asks do you like me, still he is confused,

Define logic, he asks; there is no logic for this,
Problems can be small can be large,
But he will still have that fall,
And yet again he asks, do you like me,

The gentle sound, eyes popped out, with the papers flying,
Stuck with the solution to which NOW the problem has been offered,
Many ways to solve the indefinite, yet none to choose from,
Confused, he screams and yells are you made for it??

Monday, March 19, 2012


Risen from the maximum to reach a minimum to aim for infinity,
Life starts at a slow pace, but forced to grab all within that gravity,
Expectations & livid dreams, & varied lived up promises,
You are born to fulfill them all & just do nothing for yourself,

Divided & partitioned the resources you may possess,
No matter what ever it may take, fetch everything & grab it to access,
Heights & Lows, expectations always tend to grow,
Myriad of many distresses lead to the fighting everlasting shows,

"Hi, You recognize me, I was you and Now you are me",
Are you trapped in between & do you wish to be free,
Questions the normal upbringings that keep on building,
No where can you store for long these head bursting parodies,

Is the puzzle you made build for you at the start,
Block the risen heights of the dementic craziness and turn it into a craft,
Finish for what you have started, for those you love,
Nothing matters at the end, it is all what you give and be their peace dove.

"Inglorious yet so stressful years spent in making love,
No matter how much good you do,
A speck of the speck turns all into rust"


The Dream Watch

The clouds and the dreams beyond them,
The distant visions that we all like to blend,
Fall in a sweet distance amongst the likings and disliking of ours,
It all depends on how we all learn to manage our hours,

Its all within the boundaries and the shadows of the evenings,
All in all it is the downs and the mixed feeling with those grinning,
Raise the bar if you can because there is no limit to the insanity,
We the humans are just a piece in the puzzle kept under leashes of the gravity,

Try not to hold to the ground, there much above the skies,
Wings and the restored divisions inside the soul kept to fly,
Find the hollow openings to fit into the persona you possess,
The tide is too high to reach beneath the breathe, learn to obsess,

Never too tough to reach the last drop of the ocean,
Pause between the gaps and the resistance you could v offered by those notions,
The room can be filled with the sparkles and the spectacular mystiques,
Show your presence to everyone and uncover the ever so bold physique.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Seamless Perfection

You crave for the one to be on your arms tonight,
Start building up a varied number of strings to show your might,
Time and the emotions start opposing each magnitude,
You just wish you could forever love the one with the same attitude,

Only by the light inside the on sight of the shallow notes,
Love can be felt like the trickle on your deep throat,
It can’t be the rock felt on the head of the dead emotions and the skanked evenings,
Fine in every fines and the limited scarlet’s in the deep forests twining’s.

Wild, widest the craziness running inside the infuriated brain,
Let it flow, deep , too deep down until it reaches the narrow drain,
Watch them suffer, for you, decide when to run or when to burn,
Sweet and broad staged exits, make you decisive to face the time for your turn,

Handle the every small and minute of the fractions that can extract you,
Into the war those have put against to resist in the various hues,
Hi, I am the reflection of you and what you see Is ME,
Grab me, bind me with you, it is never too late, settle up and let’s get free.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Long March

Feeble, weak, and the fragile, the road was set to be made,
The tress on the road side were about to blossom, imparting all their shade,
Brevity of the lifespan lead to the quick events and path was laid,
He who started the long journey was rendered afraid,

Could squeak in all the intelligence but made to look like a Simpleton,
Took the advice of the close ones and marched on to the gallery of emotions,
Dismissed all the learning’s he who could gather from the others who tried to help,
Didn’t bother what he was getting, because he thought he had everything and forgot the rest,

A road block and the pit, thought of the bindings of life, ruthless,
Blinded, couldn't think beyond to face more blocks, couldn't understand and was getting depressed,
Time to gather the pieces and search for the right answer as he thought and laid everything to rest,
Covered every advice and the expressions he received and marched forward to uncover and faced many tests,

For he realized the missed opportunities and the feeble bindings,
'Uprooted' the old path which he had followed to lay out his new and pure delayed findings,
Plain and the gloominess that so much eluded the happiness of the castle,
The knight had risen from the grave and the world will now witness the gin out of the bottle.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Lost and Found in Between Love

The stag walked in the rainforest covered with snow mistaken the surroundings,
Walked till reached the pool with shallow waters and thought about the shinning boundings,
Wandered here and there for the portal and the surreal strings that fed him with the existence,
No one was there any more, to mark the fact that he had lost his importance,

Stupid, exciting, floundering, and iced the sinister moments of moments were made,
Running wildly without a meaning, still like a shallow grave, no one to be afraid,
Imaginations flew and the memories had begun to flow in flashes of water gulps,
Suppressing, compressing, hunting down every false recipe that had been made out of the wrong pulp,

Soon as he walked every heavy footstep to the foot of the steep hill down,
Saw a beauty, or a dream, the unknown seemed known at the onset of a sweet catacomb and it was a new dawn,
Tripping, heavily, careful steps, burning the energy hardly for the softness he was about to witness,
Sparkle, shimmering, a hidden smile, met HER, the inevitable and possessor of a rare sweetness,

Surrounded by a recipe of love, all that she can offer every time, anytime, which he came to know,
Hazed by the ambience she pulled off with the enigma and the energy of the skin and bones and her afterglow,
It was getting harder to resist her, the impatience grew and the feeling started to fuse with his blood,
The hind was closing on to the stag deeply stag's deep and profound footsteps, to bring out the emotional flood,

The glance, the flare and the channel of fire that raged beneath them, unknowingly known to the species,
No pretence, no tension, no refrain, the indulge, the soft parade had begun, the pound of heart,
Both uncaged simultaneously, the pure animals, crazy, new found hormonal rush, without any intentions of a flirt,
From dawn to noon to dusk, the horns locked, the gentle sound, the mood swinged with the bloom of million daisies,

Snow melted, water flew, the rainforests had exploded and flooded with the much deserved affection,
The growing stones trembled under crumble of the thunder of the passion and rage they threw,
With the connection and touch, gave each other wings and with the sweet wind they flew,
Streets they roamed, cradled and swept the flow of time, so wanted this everlasting infection,

With the lions in the night, open and wandering, the couple rode on without any fear,
The love they possessed, nothing could even harm them and near or far, there was nothing they could hear,
They lit the dark with their light, and darkened the ever so surrounding mysteries that ever clouded the moonlight,
Cried, laughed, moaned, enjoyed, enjoyed every sweetness and bitterness together without any fright,

They were truly, madly and deeply lost and found in between the sweet potion called LOVE,
"You are mine, no You are mine", and they slept off to another night that went by watching the pond and the resting dove,
To the day to come, and to the hours to follow, to the days that swept by their side, and matched the sweat by sweat,
Breathe by breathe, heartfelt thumping beats, uncovered the sheets, the story written covering every single threat,

Wind Chimes, bell tolls, hundred flying above, chirpings in the sky, the sweet noise,
Destined to be together, a connection was made and a love story knitted without any choice,
Love, hatred, sorrow, joy, dismay, happiness, all in one bag, the sweet sorroundings,
They fullfilled the air around them with a notion of satisfaction and light yet smelted boundings,

Obnoxiously the maple leaves laid alleys were filled with the predators in the dark,
Woven cobwebs, setup for the tropical capture of the hind, all was going haywire in a spark,
The thought of losing the hind struck like a needle in the eye, avoided getting blinded by the sudden gush,
Empowered by the love, the energy and vitality, dismantled every possible threat in a rush,

"Oh, Love are you in Pain", with fury and rage i nhis eyes, covered with the soft cloud of grace and love,
The hind clambered up on to the stag, the moment, the emotions and the fear of separation frightened her,
Found a safe haven far ahead to relax and breathe in the anonymous yet scarce forest full of resting caves,
Spend the night here, in the rain, with no fear, best place to set up their conclave,

Time never concluded, nor did the spent seconds, from the many rising suns,
To all the pressed buttons, lets conquer every of our expectations,
Until the start to the last drop of the flavor of the end, close or far, the safe hidden treasures,
Walked, and smoothed and moved on till the end of the ends and the recaptivating everyday and its pleasures.

"Love can be loved with immense patience,
with a perfect combination of pure and feathered intentions.."


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Image of the True Lies

Notched, ripped and plundered of what all you had,
The treasures all has been looted, the thee has fed on the fake amistad,
Serviced and worked up the enquiry pulled up the top notch report,
The result brutal, shattered all and busted the nicely made rapport,

The wines, the smokes, the rings of fires, eased in to the mood,
Everything falls out rather than in to pieces and what is left is scattered food,
Bulging the fool out of the window of that uncontrolled speeding car,
Could see the march of the time and the time to reconcile was not so far,

Turn around slowly, rise above from the muds and the swamps been hiding into,
The righteous lies in the sunny skies, cleared from the clouds of the dark shadows,
Build the path and uncover the dust that leads to the waiting chateaus,
March on to the surmount and the indispensable victory dance to do,

Find peace and not glory, find dignity and not pride,
Never forget what you've been through and the one who gave you this ride,
Look back in wonder, not wander but to attest the happenings,
It was just meant to make you reach till the achievements and today's shinings.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Feeble Drifts

Shinning disco balls, the glowing blood, fired up adrenaline,
Flying the bird high in the sky, with ray ban, with a Marlboro,
He was no spy,
He was the silent debater with a million wings to fly.

Falling slowly and feebly into the ditch made by you for yourself,
Forever walking with the same speed and a will to never grow beyond that rusted shelf,
Safely to and for the ground stayed tied and glued not a move a skin,
Unknown to the body, the soul is now a rock and the body is unlinked akin,

Feverish, the road led him to this day, to this stage, feeble drifts, and lost all,
Oh stranger, miser or the wiser, you alone have got to be the fighter,
Bring out your best to arrange for a feast,
Greet us with the charm you won in the battle fought against the beast,

The beginning till the end, the narrow to the broad, come may whatever you have raised the cup,
The solo act, the fine performance, and the live stage you have lit up,
All for one and none for the one, the point you’ve made has been registered,
Don't forget the times for the many gatherings you have anchored,

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Unparallel, unmatched, you light your surroundings,
With your sublime goodness you shower,
You earn and win the others around you,
Life won’t ever be tough on you.

Fought your way up to this level,
Have to forge many more miles,
A person like you can never stop,
Because you possess various impeccable styles.

Diverse, yet so uniform, you excel,
Excel at whatever front you are in,
May the lord be so cheerful,
He’ll guide you to that aim you are aiming,
To make your dreams fulfill.

There are so many things that I am grateful to God,
But one of those is having you around,
“My dear friend, life is always tough,
And to make it easy, God sends people like YOU”.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hidden Treasures

Patrolling cars, the Barbie and the flying kites, random tandems,
Fixed in the described flow of the every sweet sweat spent on the freedom,
Billed from the heavens straight to the world, people call hell,
Change the notion of the mind, try to believe and just ring the bell,

Sun and the moon are just the figures floating in the seas of toys,
There are many more things to explore from and search for many such joys,
The clay, the woods, the fire and the earth are all the breached cause of the curiosity,
Pull out the treasury from deep beneath and show your hidden generosity,

All that we aim for, all that we gain for, in this form or the other,
Lost in what we get everytime when think and talk about the mother,
It is the existence, the presence and the birth we have found on this journey for an answer,
Crawling slowly to reach what I have to on the beds of lying zephyrs,

Hi, I am the depth you will always lie to yourself till you want to make your own way,
Lost are the Roman in scriptures and the Mayan, so are the many civilizations are now a stray,
Time to plunge in with the rope around and grab everything what has been kept to be unearthed,
Strap up and stand to make a mark, present you, and make yourself heard,


Marshmallows, sugar syrups, juices and the soft candy,
Hardened enough to keep the joyous emotions handy,
Position yourselves to the time redundant and back to the days,
Remembrance is what is left and the soft clouds are left in dismay.

Gathered the pebbles from the shallow pond to the river to the sea,
All the while every fun was enjoyed and made her to ease,
This was never meant to last till the end,
Still moved every bit of the inch of the memory to the mind's closet to reach the dead-end,

Free yourself from the magnanimity of what you have kept safe,
Ventilate the aura around you and turn the steering towards the strait,
Navigate into the lost found waters of the clear oceans and search for stability,
Resuscitate the kid inside you to form the everlasting genius to the immortality.

We are ever circling in the so called carousel of life we have been put into,
A certainty, the mercy, the pain, and the final pinch to come out of the dream we've been pushed into,
No need to start again, gather the pieces, together, alone, only with an everlasting smile,
It is the beginning of the so called journey to the center of your heart and to the end of your nerves,
Don’t forget to adept and adapt and make it your decorative lifestyle,

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Shards, Scars and Soot

Funny turn in the road lead to the crashing of the tyres,
The shards flew higher into the tree tops, gravity, and to the ground,
the window was left in a state of mire,
Damsel in the closet was stuck in the moment grasping the shattered sound.

The crowd gave her the look and their suspicious supporting hands,
All ever she could wonder at that subconscious moment and the new found lost lands,
Bruises and scars, face to the leg to the heart and to the mind,
Intoxicated and drugged landed up to this instance, how that she had to find,

Take it easy don’t inhale the smoke that has been clouding your thoughts,
Picture and gather the moments that you have caught,
Love, the instant hit keynote, the fragile gloat ,and the strong antidote,
Baby knees weak, so what, the brain not dead and you are still the lifeboat,

Recovery from that pretty momentous moment that changed the fringes to hinges,
Take a walk, sip down the drink and lay low till the lunatic has been uncage,
Thunder under his heels, and the eyes ripped the soul of the mirror,
Don’t be afraid, savior, hold on to him, and make everything conquer!!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Hanging Balance

Fortunate the loaded golden arrow strikes the eagles eyes blindly,
The archer has set the vision so sharp that aim is marked pensively,
Full of grace the death note hit the bird as soon as the string was plucked, sped, raced and death,
Screaming, the wild, the gifted plunged on to his feast for the night and took a sigh of breathe,

The long walk down the hill, a relief on the face, a night like another to feast,
Build the fire, carry the bones, without the stones and let unleash the hunger beast,
The loner had set the clock, set the fires to burn out till the end, the scotch had its own taste,
Sip by sip, bite by bite, cherished, life was going smooth without any haste,

Far away from the burden and cradlings of the city, no remorse, sorrows, no bindings,
End of the meal, after the stomach healed, his pipe in his mouth and the guitar by his side,
Flashbacks, nostalgia, a cliché, on the chords for the songs he had made,
On his own, all alone, addicted to himself, to life, there was nothing left for him to be afraid,

New dawn, new day, the routine, the unabrupted silence of the wind and they kiss the leaves,
Greeted by the nature, he could find his safe haven in this and has planted all his seeds,
Conceptual and the rational, with the dilemma of the heavy morality, this race disturbed the balance,
let it loose and don’t strangle the ongoing of the events and let time get its precedence.

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Shinning Abyss

Sky dived in to the deep blue sea to reach for the millionth pearl its glance,
Pay respect to the sea gods and pay the price to reach the shores in advance,
Hollowed visions for the distant dreams of the holy dreamer,
Always in search for the tidal waves that will take him to the closest freedom,

It was the moment of adventure, the anonymous emotions that crawled within his skin,
Glory and madness were at the same time complimenting each other and were akin,
Priceless eyes lustered with the reflection that kept blinding him,
The pearl was so immaculate that no one could ever imagine its invariable hymn.

It was that moment when he touched that shine, the soul the anything in the everything’s,
Crazy, hemisphere, encircled, fazed, by the self-explanatory turn of events and their upbringings,
Disposed the every sorrow emotion for which he dived in like a crawling baby,
Dismayed by the comfort of the un belongingness of the discovery he made and bifurcated the waves,

Overshadowed the sweet and blanked the moon light straight above his ahead,
Worned out, rolled over the cool breeze underlying the pearl in the deep blue sea capturing the tears shed,
Myriad of the commoners amongst which stood one out of the rest and attested the special position,
Glory, fame and those greedy faces all looked for one, but the winner stood amongst all, who was never judged on the situation.

The Pink Journey

Hunt me down to the cave where I have been hiding for so long,
Call out my name with the sweet serene voice and sing the song,
Move out of the tress, the shadows and the lakes I want to see your face,
I want to see what God has sent for me and the one would be my everlasting craze.

Shout out and bulge the sweet air surrounding you with the heavy sounds of the leaves,
Help me understand the greener pastures covered with the sweet mist of your breathe,
Cover me in your ever so smooth and strong shadow, bind me with you,
I want to live like this, stay with you and get lost in very possible of your hues,

People say, people listen, and then they die, we will still remain alive,
Let nothing affect the warmth and the clouds we've built for us,
I will never let you down; I am down on my knees and with all my love,
I lust you, I trust you, and I love you, stay with me and be my shinning dove,

Reach to the door, pull out, push in the ramifications to enhance the vision,
Watch the roll of the carpet under your footsteps for what I have woven,
Sit beside me, lie along me, let’s join ourselves together and let’s get lost in the mist,
My love, this was just a flash of our love story in a very small gist.