Monday, January 23, 2012

Feeble Drifts

Shinning disco balls, the glowing blood, fired up adrenaline,
Flying the bird high in the sky, with ray ban, with a Marlboro,
He was no spy,
He was the silent debater with a million wings to fly.

Falling slowly and feebly into the ditch made by you for yourself,
Forever walking with the same speed and a will to never grow beyond that rusted shelf,
Safely to and for the ground stayed tied and glued not a move a skin,
Unknown to the body, the soul is now a rock and the body is unlinked akin,

Feverish, the road led him to this day, to this stage, feeble drifts, and lost all,
Oh stranger, miser or the wiser, you alone have got to be the fighter,
Bring out your best to arrange for a feast,
Greet us with the charm you won in the battle fought against the beast,

The beginning till the end, the narrow to the broad, come may whatever you have raised the cup,
The solo act, the fine performance, and the live stage you have lit up,
All for one and none for the one, the point you’ve made has been registered,
Don't forget the times for the many gatherings you have anchored,

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Unparallel, unmatched, you light your surroundings,
With your sublime goodness you shower,
You earn and win the others around you,
Life won’t ever be tough on you.

Fought your way up to this level,
Have to forge many more miles,
A person like you can never stop,
Because you possess various impeccable styles.

Diverse, yet so uniform, you excel,
Excel at whatever front you are in,
May the lord be so cheerful,
He’ll guide you to that aim you are aiming,
To make your dreams fulfill.

There are so many things that I am grateful to God,
But one of those is having you around,
“My dear friend, life is always tough,
And to make it easy, God sends people like YOU”.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hidden Treasures

Patrolling cars, the Barbie and the flying kites, random tandems,
Fixed in the described flow of the every sweet sweat spent on the freedom,
Billed from the heavens straight to the world, people call hell,
Change the notion of the mind, try to believe and just ring the bell,

Sun and the moon are just the figures floating in the seas of toys,
There are many more things to explore from and search for many such joys,
The clay, the woods, the fire and the earth are all the breached cause of the curiosity,
Pull out the treasury from deep beneath and show your hidden generosity,

All that we aim for, all that we gain for, in this form or the other,
Lost in what we get everytime when think and talk about the mother,
It is the existence, the presence and the birth we have found on this journey for an answer,
Crawling slowly to reach what I have to on the beds of lying zephyrs,

Hi, I am the depth you will always lie to yourself till you want to make your own way,
Lost are the Roman in scriptures and the Mayan, so are the many civilizations are now a stray,
Time to plunge in with the rope around and grab everything what has been kept to be unearthed,
Strap up and stand to make a mark, present you, and make yourself heard,


Marshmallows, sugar syrups, juices and the soft candy,
Hardened enough to keep the joyous emotions handy,
Position yourselves to the time redundant and back to the days,
Remembrance is what is left and the soft clouds are left in dismay.

Gathered the pebbles from the shallow pond to the river to the sea,
All the while every fun was enjoyed and made her to ease,
This was never meant to last till the end,
Still moved every bit of the inch of the memory to the mind's closet to reach the dead-end,

Free yourself from the magnanimity of what you have kept safe,
Ventilate the aura around you and turn the steering towards the strait,
Navigate into the lost found waters of the clear oceans and search for stability,
Resuscitate the kid inside you to form the everlasting genius to the immortality.

We are ever circling in the so called carousel of life we have been put into,
A certainty, the mercy, the pain, and the final pinch to come out of the dream we've been pushed into,
No need to start again, gather the pieces, together, alone, only with an everlasting smile,
It is the beginning of the so called journey to the center of your heart and to the end of your nerves,
Don’t forget to adept and adapt and make it your decorative lifestyle,

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Shards, Scars and Soot

Funny turn in the road lead to the crashing of the tyres,
The shards flew higher into the tree tops, gravity, and to the ground,
the window was left in a state of mire,
Damsel in the closet was stuck in the moment grasping the shattered sound.

The crowd gave her the look and their suspicious supporting hands,
All ever she could wonder at that subconscious moment and the new found lost lands,
Bruises and scars, face to the leg to the heart and to the mind,
Intoxicated and drugged landed up to this instance, how that she had to find,

Take it easy don’t inhale the smoke that has been clouding your thoughts,
Picture and gather the moments that you have caught,
Love, the instant hit keynote, the fragile gloat ,and the strong antidote,
Baby knees weak, so what, the brain not dead and you are still the lifeboat,

Recovery from that pretty momentous moment that changed the fringes to hinges,
Take a walk, sip down the drink and lay low till the lunatic has been uncage,
Thunder under his heels, and the eyes ripped the soul of the mirror,
Don’t be afraid, savior, hold on to him, and make everything conquer!!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Hanging Balance

Fortunate the loaded golden arrow strikes the eagles eyes blindly,
The archer has set the vision so sharp that aim is marked pensively,
Full of grace the death note hit the bird as soon as the string was plucked, sped, raced and death,
Screaming, the wild, the gifted plunged on to his feast for the night and took a sigh of breathe,

The long walk down the hill, a relief on the face, a night like another to feast,
Build the fire, carry the bones, without the stones and let unleash the hunger beast,
The loner had set the clock, set the fires to burn out till the end, the scotch had its own taste,
Sip by sip, bite by bite, cherished, life was going smooth without any haste,

Far away from the burden and cradlings of the city, no remorse, sorrows, no bindings,
End of the meal, after the stomach healed, his pipe in his mouth and the guitar by his side,
Flashbacks, nostalgia, a cliché, on the chords for the songs he had made,
On his own, all alone, addicted to himself, to life, there was nothing left for him to be afraid,

New dawn, new day, the routine, the unabrupted silence of the wind and they kiss the leaves,
Greeted by the nature, he could find his safe haven in this and has planted all his seeds,
Conceptual and the rational, with the dilemma of the heavy morality, this race disturbed the balance,
let it loose and don’t strangle the ongoing of the events and let time get its precedence.

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Shinning Abyss

Sky dived in to the deep blue sea to reach for the millionth pearl its glance,
Pay respect to the sea gods and pay the price to reach the shores in advance,
Hollowed visions for the distant dreams of the holy dreamer,
Always in search for the tidal waves that will take him to the closest freedom,

It was the moment of adventure, the anonymous emotions that crawled within his skin,
Glory and madness were at the same time complimenting each other and were akin,
Priceless eyes lustered with the reflection that kept blinding him,
The pearl was so immaculate that no one could ever imagine its invariable hymn.

It was that moment when he touched that shine, the soul the anything in the everything’s,
Crazy, hemisphere, encircled, fazed, by the self-explanatory turn of events and their upbringings,
Disposed the every sorrow emotion for which he dived in like a crawling baby,
Dismayed by the comfort of the un belongingness of the discovery he made and bifurcated the waves,

Overshadowed the sweet and blanked the moon light straight above his ahead,
Worned out, rolled over the cool breeze underlying the pearl in the deep blue sea capturing the tears shed,
Myriad of the commoners amongst which stood one out of the rest and attested the special position,
Glory, fame and those greedy faces all looked for one, but the winner stood amongst all, who was never judged on the situation.

The Pink Journey

Hunt me down to the cave where I have been hiding for so long,
Call out my name with the sweet serene voice and sing the song,
Move out of the tress, the shadows and the lakes I want to see your face,
I want to see what God has sent for me and the one would be my everlasting craze.

Shout out and bulge the sweet air surrounding you with the heavy sounds of the leaves,
Help me understand the greener pastures covered with the sweet mist of your breathe,
Cover me in your ever so smooth and strong shadow, bind me with you,
I want to live like this, stay with you and get lost in very possible of your hues,

People say, people listen, and then they die, we will still remain alive,
Let nothing affect the warmth and the clouds we've built for us,
I will never let you down; I am down on my knees and with all my love,
I lust you, I trust you, and I love you, stay with me and be my shinning dove,

Reach to the door, pull out, push in the ramifications to enhance the vision,
Watch the roll of the carpet under your footsteps for what I have woven,
Sit beside me, lie along me, let’s join ourselves together and let’s get lost in the mist,
My love, this was just a flash of our love story in a very small gist.