Monday, July 21, 2014


Wondering as to how the road be crossed,
Million of creatures in my way to be leap frogged,
Remembering the days of sun and the unlimited fun,
It is a pace, a wanted phase, time for me to run,

Operating at a mid peek, the choices mattered the most,
Mixing up winds with time, there wasn't any room for the host,
Dedicating the efforts to the dances of the demons,
The skill I possessed were too much for him to be shown,

Honestly crawling in my soul, reaching out to the ocean,
Chewing out slowly, wrapped in covers the bitter emotions,
Not for once light dimmed in the approaching road,
After all it was the 'He' who held my hand,

Without the force, the motive wasn't clear,
The journey so far paved, didn't seem so near,
All I could pack along for the time was faith,
For the time was for to love the existence rather than to hate.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fool's Errand

Livid by the fact of the presence of her essence,
Couldn't sleep a single night, my heart started beating as if on a death sentence,
Two feet above the ground,
Dumbstruck in love my body had lost any senses to be found

The bridge crawled upon covered by the many faces,
Hard to speak the truth pinned by the unwanted deeds,
Captured the million riffs inside the small hole,
It wasn't a fight for the survival, for the fort was captured by the whole,

Insidious and creepy the emotions ran wild amongst thee,
Twisted and round the the crops were grazed by dead and free,
Swollen and free the warrior was resting beneath the grave,
Unsure of what lying above cover was the hidden truth,

With the sword in his hands carrying the force along,
Heavy bindings and strong feelings the tidal waves were strong,
The seventh hour and last call for the final tragedy,
Gasped, turned and shocked to know he was his own enemy.


Insightful and the brilliant glowing light at the end,
Covering my path all along the road with the special friend,
Parked high and free beside the moonlight,
My entry to the realm had taken its flight,

No promises, no vows, the movement was free,
My eyes marked the road straight ahead with stretch of the heavy trees,
Paid in advances the dusts seeped in through the cracks,
My friend had cast the spell and consumed I was by the heavy attacks,

Livid, dry and high, knee deep weak, long road, a distant blur,
My existence in the air, locked by the thought of her,
Nothing passed by, in the deepest trance of my deeds,
The best had yet to come, shadow of her soul on my body still sleeps,

Like the children played, she strayed in the soul,
The moment, time and second, paralysed my existence to the whole,
The burning face of reality cooled by the glass of insanity,
Along came the wilderness with the pinch of reality.