Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Long Road

Distant dreams, small, big, still the blurred cloud,
The fool moved on to the beckoned vision wearing the pure shroud,
Long journey ahead, and the revolution couldnlt see awaiting him,
The path he was boarded on had the lights soft and were dim,

Riding all alone, with the covered scenario waiting to get uncovered in a flash,
The outcomes that he faced struck him in a dash,
Waited at certain points patiently, grabbing the support of the fallen trees slowly,
Presented himself with the deep pain uptight and very closely,

Now knowning the road he was on the path he chose, hard,
Covered himself with the cold shield of faith and teared apart shroud,
Blinding lights and the false impression caught his glance and the heartbeat,
He wondered is it the way or I was deliberatly led to this wrong street,

End of the night, dawn of a new day, broke all the unseen rusted shackles,
Switched on the parallel imagination that got caught between moments of blurredness,
Got back and dragged back to the ever so pureness that was lost and slipped out,
Marched on forward without looking back in the mirror for the expenses he had to shout,

It was just a phase that passed on by, and built castle of his dreams and desire,
Desire which he found out on the long road he took ,and the learnings he learnt.
It was the satisfaction that showed him life,
And the emotions that would have had him completely burnt.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Diminutive Infinity

Flashes of pinching turbulence all over the body and the efforts made,
Running divine with the washed feet and dusty hair, trodden walk, afraid,
Catch up with the flow of the ongoings, and the serial bindings,
You may lose out on the chance for the moment and the emotions to capture the holy windings,

Hi, do you recognize me, I am you, the lost cause of your dangerous liaisons,
Amazed, isn’t it, why are aren't you the one who used to capture the leaves in every seasons,
Blow out of proportion, shut out completely, unrested, stand against yourself and not the wall,
Rotten and shredded, rusted no one can save you from this free fall,

Best interests and catchy phrases, tried to reconcile those efforts and finally your soul,
Miser, you don't realize you are only making a new hole in that whole,
Walk, run, move, and shift nothing can stop from getting dragged out,
Try and revive yourself one last time and give in your best shot to shout,

Withered, but not dead, take a chance and pull up the gears,
Handle yourself and bury every single of your fears,
Transition, movement, or call it the revolution, life has got a meaning so do you,
Take a stand, remember every name and the emotions, and grab the widened hue,

The tracks never end so does the miles, ride on to the journey,
Feel the pain, differentiate, eradicate and drink down every drop of the sweet poison you get,
This time you yourself are the driver of your punctured vessel, break down every sweat,
Glance left, glance right, and move forward, with every nerve of the eye on the road,

The moment you start counting the miles, is the moment you lose track of the events,
for every that had been done, there is no time to take a break, and look back at the advents,
The time the lips make an upward movement, hit the accelerator, let go of the wheel,
Things will soon start fall into places, and you yourself would feel the onset of an endless zeal,

Locked, set and aim now what the scene has been set, the lost sight is back,
Straighten up, re breathe and put every book back in that rack,
Now when the puzzle slowly and slowly fall in to respective positions,
Think back and laugh on those moments and emotions that showed feeble desperations,

Traded every bit off the soul to the devil for a that inch of piece, you were left weak,
Now that learnt the trick of the trade, beckon every one of your demons, fight and don't freak,
Peace is all now that revolve around the forces of your entire entity,
You are the sole source, the creator, the founder of the immense power of INFINITY.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Light & Easy

Pleasure, every moment, you carry a smile,
Let the reflex on your face reflect the length of the Nile,
Glory and joy will always bring you plenty of time,
You'll never have any time for the sinful crimes,

Why do you connect to the sorrows of life,
When you can take every joyful stride,
Mortal, the more you fall in the cliff,
the more your life gets stiff,

Sadness has never brought smile to the face,
And all it does it keeps your success on very high stakes,
Why, why, why, you have to lose out to the sorrows,
When there are other good things to chew and not to swallow,

Feelings die, but the heart still remains a vault,
Try not, but to give a shot, it's not always your fault,
Accept it my friend, you are a gift in this short journey,
Fight for every smile, every smallest thing will become light and funny.

Less Pride

You play in the park, under the sun,
All you think about is carrying the fun,
Far away the flight catches you,
Inside those demons are fired craves,

Laughter falls under the deepest sin,
And you'll die learning the life's skin,
Grave beneath the shadow lies,
Of those we trusted and for those we played with our lives,

Help me understand the substance of truth,
No one can run up to the hill to that brute,
For which far away he threw his baggage,
There was nothing left but an uncalled handle,

Wonder lusted years, glory moment,
Washed away under the seas currents,
For whom you died never felt the hunger,
For which you have not pulled down your mighty thunder.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Hard Target

Patience, nerves, panic, struck by all these notions,
and all we are stuck in the quicksand, and keep falling in ocean of emotions,
plans, targets all quickly die out to the burden,
no one ever tries to think through the far and out mysteries,

desperately try to wash away the so unwanted sins,
which are now laden deeply in your skins,
the process tries to glitch out everything that has left in you,
move out, and try to fit yourself in other's reality and shoes ,

rehabilitate, rejuvenate, heavy but will lighten the mind,
sanity has never helped the humanity, and neither will do good to you, unless you unbind,
look inside the mirror, and come out on the other side,
its only then you will reach the place where there are no rules to which you have to abide,

click the button and restart and tune the final adjustments,
enough has been done to layer the ever so absorbing endowments,
time has come to pay off every single of the depths you owe,
rise up and recollect and give them a sweet yet the final blow.


Sorry, thank you, blinded by these emotions,
man can never come out of the formalities and see through light,
formal insanity, thats what it is based on a sorry plight,
stuck in this myriad of life, move out else you will be stuck in the heavy commotion,

moving with the crowd, cold, flowing, no heading directions,
life is all stuck in a frame, and you stop paying attention,
hurt, unhurt more or less the same, the feeling goes away,
all in one, one in all, life is in a complete disarray,

what all takes to smile, a deep thinking or just a flex,
give it a shot, it all about the right reflex,
this is not the end, its just the beginning, a sweet change beckoning,
give a shot and move towards those blind openings,

reaching towards the far ended store, tired yet alive,
breathe in and out, you slowly begin to glide,
smiling was never tough, it was the tears that were so easy to flow,
Darling, were you lost, I always wanted to capture that afterglow....

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Killing

Bulky, heavy, yet so crafty, out of the league,

wind blowing under the dusty rusty shanty car wheels,

falling out of pieces, crawled on to the surface to regain self,

killer stood by me, evil smile, waiting to put an end to the rest,

opened the door, took out the gun, pulled the trigger,

I saw, smiled and took a breath for the end and started to shiver,

strange, surprising, yet so true, the bullets were out of his gun,

he fell down, shot himself, and felt this was all just but fun,

puzzled by the turn of events, moved on, opened the door,

surprised to see, pieces of papers, letters, and flowers lying on the floor,

miss misery, wow, lover gone crazy, walking on the streets, seeking redemption,

this was the only way he could relax and find no seek nobody's attention.

destitute, desperate, or unlucky soul, whatever could have had been the story,

the poor man, looked like was crazy in love and it couldn't be his history,

sad, he lost what he had once, and now he lost himself,

time is such a slim candle that burns out quickly with a flick of handful of events.....

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New World Order

accepting what has been done and what has to come,
keep falling in the ditch, and dont wait for the outcome,
too heavy and deep you will find no one there,
if you look up above, there will be a millions stares,

blinded by the slimmed openings of the shining jetpack,
the fall is too strong, dont try to tighten your slacks,
catch on to the bended, yet so slender twigs,
one needs to find safe haven and stop pretending you are not hit,

once you reach there, youll see a whole new trance,
life will be so different that you will learn how to dance,
humming, strumming, drumming, a lot of new passions,
free falling out of the way you'll get to know new fashions,

set pieces, creepy crawlies never to disturb anymore,
life will be neat, and new things will start coming to the store,
adjustments, disruptments, stop mattering, once you have seeked it,
its not about the nirvana , its about the way how you ve reached it.

Ribbed Stiffness

Impact of what has hit you still remains,
safety, surprised, afraid, wait for it, it is all stained,
trembling but still standing on to the pillars that bind,
you are the best I could in this whole world ever find,

wilderness, randomness, strangled, crawled out of the field,
slowly and slowly started to develop my own shield,
raised and grazed everything that came my way,
I declare myself and to the world that I am here to stay,

Danger, no danger ever has been lurking, ill be ever riding on the edge,
don't try to hold me ill stay safe on that same old ledge,
anticipation of the best to come out of the worst,
the feeling you get when you stay cold and then you burst,

answer the call those beckon you to the astounding light,
board on and don't miss that flight,
the driver is too strong to loose on to the weak bindings,
pack on my friend, and carry the face, and you will start to look for the new findings,

the destination has come, time to settle and stamp your way to the ground,
show them what you have achieved and finally found,
want to feel the sweet victory and to make history??
hold my hand and i will write a new damn story.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


significant, yet so demeaning, the chord was not so weak,
uncover the cover of the shadow and try to reach to the peak,
funfilled soft candy has to melt everytime,
its all depends how you handle the timings of your selfish crimes,

eye catching, softening things are never sufficient to fill the needs,
man has ever lusted for all, improvises ever on his greeds,
ever looked in that glass called mirror with some magnitude,
find yourself and try to locate your hidden gratitude,

bright light always catch your attention, you fool,
you lose out on the darkness embedded within you, dont borrow the spoon,
lingering your way to the so called success, never rippen,
in this process you lose out yourself and start to frighten,

the movie is running, projecter won't stop running, have you really filled it,
intensify the emotions filled with the deepness lying inside you,
burn out every inch of the flesh youve got,
try to fill out every gap waiting to be furnished and dont stop.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Redemption Steps

Finally the call has been answered, the dialer has reached the beep,
as a matter of fact it never occured that he was himself the thee,
bent the ways like the shatterd rim of the reading glass,
I would still narrate every bit of the details of the golden history and its class,

Walking by the isle alone carrying my shoes in my hand,
rest of my people were sitting and merrying in those deep lying stands,
staring and rushing on that sand floor, with every grain slipping down,
turn around and every face is carrying a deep hidden frown.

Sunrays strike upon the hung over face lying on the beach, numb and free,
fanatic and busted moved up, crawled to feel the zeal of the cool water,
buttoned and stradled up, comforting every step up to the hill straight,
cottage, distant view, felt a life up there and a hope to rest finally and felt great,

With every step he took, every sweat he broke, was a shining light of hope,
condition getting worse slowly slowly turning into a state of dope,
the last step and his last breathe, a kick, a burst of energy, white dress, bare footed,
with eyes wide open couldnt believe the final step he took and the face he saw,

A glimpse and he fell, carrying a deep lying curious smile, yet so fragile,
every breathe, pulse in his body yet asleep was ever so agile,
with the stroke of the night summoned, so did his eyes opened to see the moon by his side,
crystal clear, deep, shine, and yet so innocent, he never felt love before neither the sense of pride,

Gained his senses to lose them again, spent nights reconciling his thoughts with the mystique,
never in his life struck something so quick to grasp in a flash victoriously,
healed, patched, finally on his feet with captivating another breathe of the other,
ran down the step with the same "ZEAL", to walk on the isle but not alone this time.

No Justifications

have you ever wondered why you are here in this moment,
all I ask for the credibility of the senses and those lost sonnets,
If you can feel the numb touch of the time,
you can just stand up commit and accept your crime,

sorrounded by the sounds that lead you to this path,
dignified by the rusted lust for the credence and leftover shard,
take your chances and lead on to the land,
bow down and not out run , dont forget to take a stand,

glittery, shimmery , all wonder it to be like that,
no one ever realises it will turn out to be like and out it goes,
cling on and hold till the end, bond is too strong,
just try not to be feable and march on forward singing the victory song,

the glass is full along with the empty bottle,
dont blow up your chance to fill it again with a full throttle,
life has all the potions you crave for, desire for,
it only matter when you aim for the shots you see through .

Mindfucked Pleasures

He enters the door, waiting for her flesh to come,
drops the glass and grabs hard to .the core,
unruffles her hair. and lifts her up and close,
unhook the blouse, and baby my body is all yours,

deep, too deep you penetrate the soul of my skin,
everything turns upside and you rock my world,
something starts and something climbs up inside,
pain, no pain, its all gain from these well furnished sins.

stranger in no eyes, you and me, crawled up like a snake,
time for break , lets try something else,
been running over each other on the same grounds,
i love the way you pounce and makes me create new found sounds,

Fire, oomph, nirvana , you reach the ultimate moment breathless,
wish I could pull over every skin of mine over you and give you unfound pleasures,
rubbing against you, the friction, the force, I am drop dead,
catch me please I have no energy left, just do it once more and help me spread

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Till Death

presence of what you feel is always not there if you think,
belongings of those where are placed while be pleased,
justify the need of the staircase in the house,
when you are sitting beside your spouse.

smile, knee bent, craving for a deep abyss,
All i want from you baby is a sweet gentle kiss,
running hiding, from the poison eyes of yours,
your warmth takes me to the farthest ends of those sea shores

open the treasure chest you wont find any gems,
all you will get is our deep love and its stems,
always be my side, as I need you, I crave for you,
I couldnt miss the moment to watch you sleep in my arms

no matter how much you hide behind those stupid cushions,
I still pull you out of your blushes and gushes,
I want to love you till the end of the end of my new found insanity,
because there no better reason for you to show the formalities.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Reconciled Glory

Figuring the forms of the nature divine presented us with,
rising up those shadows under the sun light and crawl up the tree trunk,
the forest was lit on fire and the species were mesmerized in the randomness,
rose up to the branches to save myself and softly settled on the carpet of leaves

time was short and not the destination,
I had to reach to the place I was called before I could seek devil's attention,
as the fire had reached its maximum rage, passion was still kept under his cage,
it was only a matter of time he leapt on to the far distant pond he could see,
moments were there and emotions rode so high that the light years could freeze.

the minute he rode out of the fire lit jungle and held his breathe,
all he could see and turn around was filth full of many beaten souls,
kick, start, and pumped up the engine and drove away,
bruised and battered, the wind of the new fresh air unrusted the pacified wounds.

unabrupted by the thoughts of what he left behind strangely, yet so beautifully,
climbed up the ladder of what was called safe haven,
glance, stare and saw a beautiful eye filled with depth and heart fr only one to share,
I was left but nothing to carry on with those mystical eyes and the love for which I care.

Long Subdued

Rusty, windy, fallen out of line,
it had been a very long time,
recollecting back from scarp ,
trying to get everything back in my grasp.

Wondering, thinking , passion restored or just a faint outburst,
is it those one of those eye blinding moments,
or am I really craving again for the thirst,
pitching every word just in line to bind those shimmery ornaments.

Cradled by the on goings in the life,
was unfazed by the ornaments i had left to be woven,
frozen , still, yet so dynamic life had strived,
that i had left the doors for sorrow open.

Had to come out of the cobwebs,
build slowly and gradually steps for the life I had lead ,
find an entry for the exit i had longed for,
could see the light at the end of the tunnel and I fled.

Here I am back again, same old story,
yet with a different and composed version of present,
because the past led to many paths and rest was history,
tarnished and shining everything around was pleasant

Friday, November 4, 2011


moonlight walk, slow steps , the sands falling beneath your feet,
but the thought in your mind keep on going steep,
life had taken a turn , widened,
it worked like a machine lost its pulleys and was unstrapped,

only light left at the time was the moon,
you wish you could end this all so soon,
parked the wheels outside the cage,
still you couldnt let go of that deep embedded rage,

Never so desperate in life for certain answers,
wish could unravel the mirror beneath the sheet of sand,
no energy left for to blow the sand,
come take a walk with me , hold my hand

Blew the wind uncovered from the ever so hardened dust,
the only i was searching for with that charming lust,
wish could lay in those palms, the lap and stare at the moon,
you showed me life, gave me reason, to come out of that cocoon.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Do you often travel that high,
one that you feel when you touch the skies,
where you can touch yourself and you dont feel anything,
from the height, all those known earthly objects turn out to be something

proven true in the open, the feel of gravity,
it automatically turns yourself to the undisclosed brevity,
"please fasten your seat belts" as it may not be safe,
they give you a feeling as if the next thing you will land up in your grave

the wingspans piercing those surreal and heavy clouds,
it feels like the wings are covered with never so ending shroud,
briefly detailed the mystiques of the driver of the bird
he is just another mortal battling in that flock of herds

fast paced, tight laced, slim caged, the journey is short,
there hasn't been much ending without being flawed,
once you cover the wings with the burden of those heavy emotions,
you will end up living your life with nothing but desperate situations...