Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Fine print stretched on the linen,
Easy to slide the thought on the run,
The detail of the mark left had its glow,
The rusted demons let the mojo flow,

Dancing on clouds, reading through the fingers,
Mild glance through in between the leaves, the adjusted blur,
Piercing through the lines smeared by the rains,
The mist had its own smell spread in the sweet refrain,

Sharply smooth the smile left its mark,
The glance was to vivid to hear the bark,
Heavy, ordained and yet the disappointment,
Big details left out of the small entertainment,

Suavely quaint the reference of the meeting,
Beautiful to notice it was just way of greeting,
All in all the purpose of keeping the things was mellow,
All he/ they ever wanted was just to say hello!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Successful Defeat

Success is defined by the steps taken,
Or is it the cause of the heartless battles won?
Harder and harder trying to reach the top,
Eventually landing in rains on the wrong foot,

Putting life ahead of time,
Moving on inside was labelled a crime,
Hidden in the forests are the winds of leaves,
Forever we remained tied in the grasp of the divine.

The fragrance was too demeaning,
The lost love of the soul had left the mark,
Put on the mask on the hand to rest the face,
There will be light in the hidden shade.

The slow decay and the gradual transition,
Lead to the hardening of the soft evolution,
Crispy in the journey of this life,
There were many who lost the way before the last mile.