Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A War Within

In front of the meadows and the fragile pastures,
The lost rays of the sun gold struck divine,
Shallow hearts and the frost bitten emotions,
No deep plunges cover the track, prepare the bungees,

Hunchback I crashed into the frozen lake,
Breaking the ice, the big splash, the chill made me unsafe,
For the deep, yet so intensifying push of the emotions was true,
You can never bind yourself to the roots once you bite the fruit,

Now that the lesson is learnt, the books have fallen,
Push forward the demons and summon the events to happen,
Let the echoes of the leaves remind you the tress you are to uproot,
Plunge on to your enemies, swiftly and mysteriously just like an owl's hoot,

With the stroke of midnight, we attack,
The bells rings and the candles lit up the fortress,
Bring down the wall; leave no trace, no corpse,
Let there be no mercy, strike every blow with no remorse.

"Anger & Love are a result of a filled heart with an empty mind”