Sunday, October 23, 2011

Random Pulses of the Commotion

Wings high above in the sky,
the thrust of the engine and clouds starts to fly,
You sit idle in search for a moment,
All ever man has only looked for a bagfull off entertainment,

Bright lights big cities, everything is so small from above,
all one can wonder is their is a very shallow distance below,
points to ponder, moments so stronger,
you mortal, you think you are the only one smart.

now that the night crawled in ,
the wound are still afresh deep beneath that skin,
they pledge us they define the randomness of the ocassion,
I could never get hold off the cravings and their tingling sensations

Branded by the golden demeanour of the society,
the well is too far son, to wait for the formality,
pinchingly bitter truth may or indeed will strike you,
Water will spill off from the glass, until you want it to.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Abrupted Symphony

With the night on my head and the moon over my shoulders,
the bats fly crazy, blind and yet so meticulous,
soured up imaginations and the high ambitions,
cant be stopped until they decide to fight the light drought,

I fought upto the welder and the fieldman,
frank sinatra, elvis presley, none could capture the beast,
I was nothing but rising up against that fulfulling feast,
compromising against that memento of life,
rose up against those walls and plucked up the small black rose,
following that unwinding road to that perdition,

The long and blinded pathway never rose to that highway,
stored in that snow covered hill, those pines,
I have rested beneath that rested unfound,
and unknowed and yet so bestowed hollowness of the DEAD.

Shanty hollows and the sleepy hollows but still not the credited sorrows,
I have seen through the glass the narrow dimensionand ,
yet these prophesied cocophany of the abrupt silences,
Lies and the dried cries were never meant to be part of those silent chores.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Highlighted Brightness

Moon light rake, sun rise awake, falling ,
raining above the high, my eyes are gloomy and wide,
shot on the narrow ridge of the hill,
he hung to the dirty skirise in the falling sky

everlusted paradigms of the trusted soul of the shanty hollows
falling above thee rested beneath the crest

ever out for the free falling motions less creed ,
wonder in the everest for not the abrupted heads,
greenier highlighted pastures in the sins,
all i cry for the man and ever increasing greed,

in the snow flakes and the hasty fall,
stranger passed on the potiential winner of the seed,
cried every man and his feasts,
call me I m the best one can,,

No one tries and no one cries.......

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Origin

You reach to that ocean full of pearls and the depth,
try to reach up and catch a breathe,
surface is full of air and the one you know,
it s a place where you will never find snow,

crawling up to the surface and you face the labyrinth,
all you can feel is the deep ocean stink,
wondering how to overcome the reality of the fragilities,
one climbs up and falls out of those unfound 'normalities'

Unanswered steps and those missed creepy crawls,
insanity and begin to wonder what has earth found,
life, life which never begun but it rose to that sweet little sound,
mystified and petrified by the deeds of the undone souls,

rise up move on you have reached the ultimate core,
search for you have the right to the fulfilled store,
all of your thoughts have those meanings,
shake yourself up to the surface because you only hold the steering,....

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Movement.

The fanatic rode the snake in his blue bus,
so did the cobain doped himself so early,
there was no voodoo child left anymore,
because they were involuntarily called by him.

They marched with the freedom of independence,
rode on to any vehicle they could get,
passed on their thoughts to anyone they reached,
left a mark on anyone who called them and were preached,

stop calling names, those hollow gloomy faces,
instead realise the deep tranquility of reality,and reach for the inner-visions of the sorroundings,
The day when the souls preach the notions and thoughts,
that day his all battles are fought.

with all the leather and strings they fought amongst the mortals,
the words they threw and raged those sleeping machines,
drunk and dressed they brought the stage to a fire,
to rise up against all those who tried to bring down THE movement......

Day in the Dog's Life

Running like the dog chasing the speeding car,
the highway was pretty long and gave him big scars
never knew what he sought in the burning tyres
they left him with his feet burning in fire...

It wasn't the freedom he searched for every single of his chases
no one knew what he was running for...
there were miles he had forged under his knees...
but with the blunt end of the roads he got bruised for the paths he beseiged...

with the flying hubcaps hit his eyes,
he raised a brow and everything seemed to fly,
hit by the far side motionless swinging to catch a breathe,
it wasn't his fault to catch the burning flames to the journey on the other side of that road.

crying and whining was the story of the followings,
all he was carrying a bag full of mixed emotions and feelings,
with all the excess baggage of heart felt sorry state, heavy, burdened,
he was left with nothing but to throw all into the running along river of life.

Now for he was free and riding high, chasing his shadow this time,
he had all the time in this world to catch a glimpse of his deeds and crimes,
rolled up, puffed up, shot and high,
the big dog had his brows up and drove his parked car in sigh....

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Flashed Desires of a Phony

Follow the snake to that gold lit cave,
Reach to the end of the tavern,
Resting beneath your footsteps, those,
Those, uncovered, holy mystified snow flakes.

The flakes covered by the ashes of thy clouds,
Move until the thought of those souls are freed,
Never resting until we’ve reached,
The castle you build, fast uncovering under your truth.

Breathe in not out, because you are dead,
Fed by the truth of your files,
Lies and truth of the fragile path,
Path you chose to ride by your self.

Never lost on to those screams of the seen,
Me eyes have always wanted to gleam,
It won’t bite unless you have tasted,
Tasted the last fruit of your unfound insanity

No one will ever call out to you, your name,
It’s just the beginning of the end,
Follow me, don’t lead me,
Because in the end you will always fall,
As the path you will choose will always hold you down.


The journey to the disillusioned centre,
Framelessly circling in that narrow drain,
Encircling the dilemma of the strange ,
Push it deep inside of your brain.

I cannot stop them to be around you,
It’s you that sets them free,
Why don’t we realise it’s only you,
The clouds and the churches, white and solid yet so empty,
Don’t force love out of your creed.

Remembrance , of you, of your thoughts,
Calling those old memories out and those moments we caught,
Resting in your eyes, hope the picture is mine,
Because I am the soul, my heart carries the image of you every time,

Dimly the flames bleed away,
Things carve out on that stone like a blaze,
Forget me, don’t punish, love is not gone, it’s just a phase,
Behave not like I was just another of yours doubtful craze.

Gush out, move out, just don’t freeze on me,
Active my imaginations for your passive thoughts,
Break in to the puzzles apart, disperse in the storm,
Explode into the darkness, and let me go home,
I am not a miser, It’s I don’t know how to control.


There was fire beneath his eyes,
Running blindly never looked to the sky,
Rage wasn’t the quality he possessed ,
It was the love for her for which he was obsessed.

Moving up and down, round and round,
Those steps were the only things left for him on that ground,
Push the limits to reach , yet he drowned,
But he still knew the force of that sweet sound.

Dignity and pride was all he searched for,
Then came calling that strange love,
Love that never seemed to be the sea shore.

I tried to fill those gaps with those memories,
But my wounds hurt me so much, they were fresh,
Tried to pluck every thorn from deep inside of my flesh.
Along every came out my blood,

I wish I could be with you, every moment,
Your presence flash through my nerves every second.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Push the Tempo

Push the Tempo

Falling from the heights I’ve reached,

I’ll push the ground deep beneath me,

To reach the end more till the end,
To touch the ground the way I want to feel,
This is not the end of line,
It has just begun to uncover the shine
The fine brine of that wine,
Which we always dreamt of tasting till we last,
Resting beneath my wheels,
Are my marks which I left on the road,
The road that led to the jungle.
Where I could find all that I lost in a bundle.
Don’t crowd your thoughts on my shadow,
It’s too weak, weak, enough for me to hold on,
I see the sky leaning on those trees,
And those seem like they are free.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

6th Harmony

Push the boxes inside that maze,
and bring to surface the waves of the haze

Freedom of the air, the wings of the butterfly,
they clasp the wisdom flying high in the sky,

With dignity and glory I let my pride fly high,
along the sea shores and the pebbles lie my cries.

for the tranquility they impart, slowly in the air,
they won't last long, as they are hard.

reaching through that gold lit cave,
I see that rusted worned off shadow,

The shadow i wished would follow me for the rest of my life,
because that is what I searched in those long lost files.

7th Symphony

7 th Symphony
Wandering into the mist of loneliness,
The loneliness of the desperation,
Slowly crawls into my skin deep into the wounds.
I wonder in the wander, passion, pain of fire,
Picture this I won’t last till the end.
Shed it off, burn it off, rip it off,
Uncover yourself from the fascist face of life.
Cold yet it may seem, you are still lost,
Keep on pressing the button, the ice machine is still cold,
Seven life, and the satisfaction you crave for,
Are you living it up to the dream you were born for,
Suck it in, deep within, those worms will eat you,
And at the end you will desire to burn out yourself.

Professional Lust

Professional Lust

From the first drop of the hot shower,
To the last sip of the wine,
She feels the senses in her body,
Chilling, running down the spine.
She runs down the hallway, wraps him in her arms,
They plunge in the darkness of their fire,
The divine kiss, spreads their wings,
Burnt every ounce of energy in the body, they breathe back.
Morning, and she wakes up alone,
Looks up, everywhere, only to find her clothes thrown,
Snorts up her last stuff,
And another day passes, waiting for another one to come.

Sinner Man

Sinner Man
Rush of the blood down the pipe,
Burns the guts of that sinned insane,
Smoked the full pot of weed,
The smokes reached his nose drain,
Dissolved every part of his flexible brain.
Star gazing, moon raking, heavens asking and eyes fixing,
Fixing his glares to those burning flares,
Which reach the fluids in his brains?
Stimulus shot and ran through the nerves and he couldn’t refrain,
Nice feeling hit his forehead his temple, sweet emotion.
Rinsed in his sweat, panic, shock stricken overdosed,
Drowned in his own piss, was a stage he couldn’t face his eyes,
Walked a long mile just to breathe,
High, stoned could see everyone around him bleed,
Scary trip,took him deep in that never ending long lasting abyss.
“It is not necessary how much you get high,
What is necessary is that if you get high or not?”

Monday, October 3, 2011

Definitive Destiny

Definitive Destiny

Roamed, rode the road before, with the same air around,
Grouped with the same feeling but the journey this time was straight and found,
Fiery and feisty was the path that led to the shine,
I was on the path until I saw a shrine.

Met a man, without a name, with his head covered with snow,
I kept on wondering as to why he was carrying a glow.

Lived in the shrine around that holy road,
So far away from the rest that along many miles no one could be heard.

Took my time and stayed at the shrine for the night,
Unknown to what was there under his mighty plight,
Brought on to the table, the book, along with his pipe,
Kept a piece of bread, and sat along with his dignity and pride.

Picture this, old rusted, dusty, worned off,
Book was heavy but it carried a strange light.

Turned the page and found out was carrying my name,
With every single page carried my glory and fame,
Stored and lost in those pages, wandered,
Who was this old man, and what is this shrine I started to wonder.

Moved on to every page and found out the turn of events,
Till I reach the page which told about the old man , his shrine and waited for a further advent,
The pages were blank, fresh , waiting to be written,
Confused and bound, I must be mistaken.

The old man stood up, gave me keys and said,
‘I m the One, who doesn’t belong here,
I write the rules, those which I never share’.

For it was time to march forward,
Because he had to write what I was supposed to do and moved on.
Returned back on the same old road to find a sign,
“He was never here”
Carrying a smile, Roamed, rode the road before, with the same air around,