Wednesday, September 28, 2011


You play in the park under the sun,
All you think about is carrying the fun,
Far away the flight catches you,
Inside those are demons with fired caves.
Laughter falls under the deepest sin,
And you will die leaving the life’s skin,
Grave beneath the shadow lies of those,
We trusted and for those we played with our lives.
Help me understand the substance of truth,
No one can run up the hill to that brute,
For which far away he threw his baggage,
There was nothing left but an uncalled handle
Wonder lusted years, glory moments,
Washed away under the seas currents,
For whom you died for never felt the hunger,
For which you have not pulled down your mighty thunder.

Activated Passive Realizations

False hopes, smile sorries, no sorry figures,
You raise the toast and the journey begins
Cradling your way down to the time,
We re-arrange what we had made over
Slimmed erosions of the happy hours,
You ride with YOU lonely in those cold showers,
Clueless, as to what may be next possibilities,
Before that could happen, you refill the dying potion
Humming alone down the streets, blowing the smokes,
Trying to get rid of the haunting ghosts
Nothing left to gift to, or to give up,
All that has been, or will be is the YOU, and you will shut up,
Ashes, smokes, rings of fires, stirs in you a desire,
That was it meant to be, time to light another FIRE.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sublime Strangeness

Surrounded by friends, fools and sinners,
some call themselves the kings and some winners,
heart of gold and running like a fool,
I wish I could go back to the days when i was in school.

The streets went narrow as we grew,
people gathered their attention as I withdrew,
bars and alleys with those plastics and fakes smiles,
wish I could expose those frowns and their unhealthy styles.

Covered every path I followed with dust and mud,
to hide the sanctity of my thoughts and different uncrazy emotions,
bound myself with the facts of the world and the varied notions,
these were tricks I taught myself to handle this sublime strangeness.

Couldn’t fake or run on with that outer fragile flow,
kept what I had with me and let it glow,
sometimes the stick has to be bent beneath the phony shadow,
my thoughts are wildered and imbibed within my ever moving cradle.

Chapter 8

Re Birth
A lot of time has passed, things have moved on,
My relapse has ended, and now I am heading to a start on my own,
Dewy leaves and fresh faces feel like I am back,
I was long that now I have to come out of my knap sack.
It took me long, a very long time to get back to were I was before,
I couldn’t imagine myself standing alone on the lonely sea shore,
Now that the smile I left is back to fill that cleft,
The emotions have gone that I had and I never slept.
He had plans for me, that involved the trip which condemned for long,
Still I keep a good attitude and sing that song,
My words still pour those left over feelings,
That won’t ever go beyond the ceiling.
The sweet journey had all the shares of fun and sorrows,
I’ll look at your face forever and for today and tomorrow,
I could help you the way you wanted,
All I can say is that it was the time we were granted.
“Never give a heart to the person whom you love,
Love the person who can give you his/her heart”

Chapter 7

Straight Highway
I put my gloves on, with my black shades,
Turn the keys, and start the engine blades,
Turn the accelerator, and begin my journey ahead,
Don’t know where I’m heading, with my bags packed with beer and bread.
Winds whistling past my face, my hair curling here and there,
Going to have a little fun, a good time,
The highway is straight, full off pits and shrines,
With every turn of my wheel, leaving my past behind I look up to the divine.
With my brakes on, reached the mountain top,
This is the place where I can do anything and I won’t get caught,
Could see the never ending river down the hill I climbed,
Plunged in to the river and tasted its fresh spirit.
Lost in the wilds, with the greens around me,
This was freshness I wanted always that made me feel free,
Look out at the world beyond thee full of emotions,
Run with me, come to me and I will show you that they are just but false notions.

Chapter 6

Swollen State
Burnt body, charred soul, drowned in the alcohol,
Not able to rise up or stand on my forbidden land,
Left thin and lean, glean, but still not clean,
Have faint marks on my body and have rusted glands.
Fight, fight, fight and all I could just do I write
These words of mine describe my hidden plights,
Living on the edge of every breathe I take,
Life for me is on the verge of make or break.
I empty my spirit in the spirits on a daily basis,
Cigarette butts fly on around me as the seconds races,
In need of these sources to block my mind from those faces,
I don’t care the suffering what my body chases.
Left alone time to straighten up,
Need to take a break and give myself a strong pump,
I take my bike and move on to a destination unknown,
Leaving behind the memories of mine thrown.

Chapter 5

I’m lighting another cigarette,
Raising one more of the coming glasses,
I’m not weak, not feeble,
I just belong here, this stable.
Don’t help me stand, if I’m out,
I’ll raise one more toast,
I’ll find my own way out of this,
Through all these days and night.
Search for the tigers and the lions,
They are out of their dens, uncage them,
Free their holy spirits and give them their long lost freedom,
Those things now want to get out of the unwanted boredom.

The day will come sooner or later,
That’ll be the time when I’ll fill that crater
I’m not afraid anymore of falling for you,
It’s just a wicked game that I felt this way.
Time for the righteous to move on,
Break away those lovely yet tangled chains,
There exists no feelings, no emotions, only flesh,
Strange desires but I never dreamed that I’ll fall for you.
Millions are those stars gazing upon me,
I see them and wish that I was free,
The winds never stopped gushing through the leaves,
Neither will the moon change its route.
Sleepless nights, nightmare won’t budge me,
Again, no I don’t want to fall in love,
Dewy leaves, rested cats and chasing dogs,
Past times, present times; I have become a jumping frog.
Yes, it was a battle, not for thee,
I’ll still march on, on and on and keep finding the answers for me,
Gold slick moments will forever roll before my eyes,
Then I’ll turn myself to the ever calling skies.
Estranged desires, pushed me to my limits for ever and ever,
Crave not for the things you lost,
Search for those,
That‘ll make you feel sloshed.
Run mortal, run, you are trapped inside your lusts,
Keep on pushing harder, till you get that thrust,
“Life is a like a pack of cigarettes, they keep blowing you away,
Till you keep them glowing at your lips’ bay.”

Chapter 4

Move On
A week has gone by; I have learned to fly on,
The mark of the coffee cup on the table has yet to dry,
And I feel happy, that for this week I haven’t cried,
Good times started rolling, and it’s time to march on.
Past was past how surreal and bizarre it may appear,
Yet for the time I spent, those was the golden moments,
Frozen by the history of these so called mysteries,
I call it the hysteria of the your utopic delusions.
I am now entering the phase where I’d have to be left alone,
Alone and free from you, and all sorts of yours memories,
I’d like to erase all kind of your inconceivable memories,
Burned the cigarette just like those memories of yours.
And at the end, I realised, you were not the only one,
But still my heart weeps for you, for the so long journey,
The journey of that demystified long lost files,
Where I learnt to raise my toast and legalise those long lost files.

Chapter 3

Bring down the mountain of THE unrealistic dream
The sooner you realize the lesser you scream
Pipeline the burning enigmatic rage within you
Because you are left with nothing except those melting hours.
Past time routines won’t save you from the burdened activities
You have to find loopholes within those transparent fragilities.
Rise up and bring down the mole hill till you reach the end
And try to find the answers before you stop calling him a friend.
Barking dogs and wandering flees will count the freedom
And on that day you will mark an end to your ‘Boredom’.
Last verse, last lines and the beginning of the end
You try to disfigure the passion of those binding chimes.

Chapter 2 - Aftermath

Time to magnify my horizons, search for clues,
It’s now time I find right feet for those shoes,
Been lost for so long, that people call me sulky,
Move and shake on, stop making your heart bulky.

Yes, it hurts to revert back from those moments,
But now I have to realise they were futile ornaments,
Invested heavily in them, those turned out to be false,
I’ll probably wait for some one to come, certainly when the heaven calls.

Time for the windmills to churn the wheat again,
The sunflower to bend towards the sun again,
Let the dragonflies raze over the fields,
I’ll write these poems and they will be my shield.

Even if I stood a chance,
It was too late just to give a chance,
I’m now a free bird, from those overgrown,
Overgrown premature yet so soft memories of hers.


Wrote a series of poems in forms of chapters titled Dementia.

Chapter 1
Over & Out

A thousand forces couldn’t break those chains
It could have been worse if I tried to refrain
One night, few seconds, few words
And it all came down crashing on me

My cards fell, and everything was lost,
It was just like the refrigerator had defrost,
The water left was too cold to touch over,
I was rattled by the events and their reasons.

Now that I know where I stand
I’ll always keep myself chained to the ground,
It will be over soon, I’ll have to refrain,
Find another reason and came out of the exile.

Won’t ever go back to the phase I was called,
I’ll keep my records in those long lost files,
And pray to heavens, thought of ‘IT’ will always make me smile
I vent out my anger & sorrows, through these poems, but I won’t ever cry.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bleached Soul

Jump, hop, slip out from that narrow hole,
those never ending dried up basement vents,
cracks and vents blow the steam out of you,
the drugs help them to widen there horizons.

Lost control to the steering wheel,
eyes were red shot and blood gushed furiously,
the white powder, a gazeless stare, million thought,
endless instincts but the small brain.

Destination is far away, the route is wide,
fuel is full, the tyres are empty, no air,
shaken stirred took on the wheels with a flair,
With the bold step he took he felt a new divide.

High, from life, from the pages he left behind swirling,
embarking upon a new voyage, full of twisted empty barrels,
got many blind and countless stares down the road he took,
but with one mission in his mind all these surplus he clung on to the hook.

With the sun overhead and the screeching of those empty tyres,
made sure he never lost control of the handle,
his mojo was way above the level to wrangle,
his feet touched the ground and leveled the air above his head.

Black Magic

Frozen, fallen from that iceberg
he slipped into the cold blue river,
entering the deep abyss of that mystery,
was the never ending road that lead to the black glory.

He could hear the wolves howling out to the moon,
there weren't no witches around with their old brooms,
it was just the old man watching and sitting ,
with his eyes ever up rolled.

The match sticks were oil slicked,
their lustre was marked with the sparks of past,
and so were lost the silver lining moments,
filled with hollow dignity of that old man.

That old road he followed from a long time,
rusted and burned out that path led to nowhere,
several voices in his head lead him to the days,
days that were filled with the black magic of the woman.

Shifting, riveting and adjusting he mended his ways finally,
people called him a lunatic, but he only knew,
knew that this highway lead him to the antidote,
antidote, erased his longingness towards that magical blackness.............

"People say that love hurts...
love is just a delusional part of their character,
what hurts is their inability to love someone."