Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Fine print stretched on the linen,
Easy to slide the thought on the run,
The detail of the mark left had its glow,
The rusted demons let the mojo flow,

Dancing on clouds, reading through the fingers,
Mild glance through in between the leaves, the adjusted blur,
Piercing through the lines smeared by the rains,
The mist had its own smell spread in the sweet refrain,

Sharply smooth the smile left its mark,
The glance was to vivid to hear the bark,
Heavy, ordained and yet the disappointment,
Big details left out of the small entertainment,

Suavely quaint the reference of the meeting,
Beautiful to notice it was just way of greeting,
All in all the purpose of keeping the things was mellow,
All he/ they ever wanted was just to say hello!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Successful Defeat

Success is defined by the steps taken,
Or is it the cause of the heartless battles won?
Harder and harder trying to reach the top,
Eventually landing in rains on the wrong foot,

Putting life ahead of time,
Moving on inside was labelled a crime,
Hidden in the forests are the winds of leaves,
Forever we remained tied in the grasp of the divine.

The fragrance was too demeaning,
The lost love of the soul had left the mark,
Put on the mask on the hand to rest the face,
There will be light in the hidden shade.

The slow decay and the gradual transition,
Lead to the hardening of the soft evolution,
Crispy in the journey of this life,
There were many who lost the way before the last mile.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


So fresh in the evening reaching the night to the fire,
Lips burning smacked with the raging desire,
Infectiously touching you inside out running warm and dry,
Pluck the flesh of yours, cling on and make me cry.

Heavy and hard to push the wind down the chamber,
The bellow was moving up and down to run the heat,
From the onset to the end, the face turned to amber,
Got to keep the volume softly tucked under the bed sheet,

Remnants of the thrusts trickling down the spine,
The ever so flowing bodily vapours burnt into spiffs of wine,
Into the cushions of desire and the great crave for the pains,
It’s hard to let go of you bound by the moment and those nasty chains,

Crushed under the bones of your force,
Grab me by the arms and saddle me like a horse,
For the wait is too long to supress the pressure under my feet,
Raunching on to the moments the softness could justify the never ending feast.

Friday, July 24, 2015


Wake up and push the blanket to the edge of the bed,
Crawl out of the system and sip the water you just been fed,
Slip inside the cave build to fit your feet.
It’s the walk, the slow movement of the death march of the day.

Hideous the motion of the moment callous to the beholder,
Simple to run than to hold the danger close to the heart,
Beating fanatically the base withholding the ears,
The sound flashed every pulsating seconds of the lost years,

Careless to the rhythm of the beating pause,
Lusted upon the dangers of the cravings and the wild cause,
Gallant the brave soul who marched to the gallows of the brothels,
The rush of the blood was too damp to fit in their skulls,

Wooden clamps and the hard earned midnight reading lamps,
All covered with the dust of blood from the refugee camps,
Still ignited by the thought of a war looming over my head,
The hunch of the madness covered in the dream wrapped on my bed.

Gloomy Eyes

Passages into the book of leaves,
Crusted and dusted within those trees,
Following within the pages of leaflets,
The veins runs high & dry fighting its presence to be free,

Within the adjusted fairness mapped to the senses,
Lost within time connecting bridges that overlook the dark forces,
Shadows of time built upon the castles of lust,
On a quest to wipe out history unrest under, years of dust,

Risk of getting burst under imminent force of emotions,
Isolating the wrong things in the right way to hide the devil's expressions,
Weary the threads of time, bound faintly to the ground,
Sense lost and crushed, no matter how the effect was, the jungle made no sound,

Distant edgy lights dimmed the smiles,
Calls for the water to fall from the sky buried within the files,
Missed the opening of the weather in the high demands of war,
There is a lot to learn from the dead than to see what is not too far.

The Ballet

Dancers on the road, pulling the magic off the feet,
Rising the bottle in the air, crash and burn the hall is lit so sweet,
Swinging up and down, shaking the air around with the force of the heavy sweat,
Beat the emotion around and cut any sort of past and its threat.

The heart so light, the wings spread in the light end of the wind,
Movement so careful, can hear the pretty white light rescind,
All the hopes buttered down to the lanes, took a while to process,
Glass shattered in the moment, the thoughts broke and took a recess.

My call, my taking, living up to the heavy feeling and the blood shot,
To the pulse of the last few drops, and the head sinking in the pot,
Painting the picture beautifully. these thoughts came so random,
Every page stacked and pressed, blew the faces in a dignified tandem,

The push, drift back and the pull, swinging and panting, drawing heavy air,
Pick a fight and drop the coins on the floors, feel her hair,
Move her down, to your arms, cradle her to her grave,
Run the hands, cover the holes, and blind the eyes, don’t be afraid,

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Jumping around the caves, in the dark nightmare,
Staring the standing cows pushed in the wall,
Sneezing in the winds blowing dust running for a cover,
The pattern was laid on the floor to crawl,

The snoring lights and blazing sounds,
Turned the heaviest defeats in to the dawn and dusted fights,
The uprooted caravan and the carcass of death scattered,
Flocked the love machine into lust of search,

Waltzing into the maze left amazed to question,
Swallow the fear hidden in the corner of the room,
Just as the statues answered the silent call,
Sit tight and wait for the gentle scream to rise,

Nicer the imaginations of the red roses and sweet smell,
Crushed within the rusts of the time tested disappointments,
How amazing the feeling settled on the top shelf,
Left alone to rot in the space made by the time-travelled arrests,

Flock of birds and marriage of words slow death by the bed,
Doped by the thought of fear in the cornered heart,
Docking the finest of troubles saved to destroy the set pace,
Light fire to the debris of love, allow pain to be felt with grace,

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Slippery Rope

Seeped inside of the cemetery gates in search for the dark shadow,
Fighting for answers to the problem, questions stuck on the tip of the arrow,
Pulled the string and hard felt thoughts came gushing out,
The shadow has cast a long dark spell to kill any kind of doubt.

Slipping into coma, many a year went lost in search for hope,
The beginning of the new morning sun light and kept hanging on to the rope,
For the chance went by, tried to climb on the top found the graves in dust,
Thought for a fresh battle, took the blade out to saw covered in aged rust.

And then there you are hiding behind the fallen leaves of the building,
Greyed out by the passing by wind and the turbulence of the nasty upbringing,
Insomnious by the obvious fact that the vision had a serious flaw,
It was kept under the bridge as the writer was struck in the mystic awe.

Ballooning out of the crowd, mobbed by his own thoughts sunk in the drought,
Chaos in the hours and the greatest strength helpless in the labyrinth of thoughts,
Elementary surprise at every foot step, hard earned glories washed away in every bite,
Threaded and loosely hanging the smile and the last gasp, it was time for one last fight.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015



“Fraternizing Affection Together in a Heartful and Emotion-ed Heart”

Bound by the earth, in a land filled with dreams and aspirations clouded by the situations,
Can’t see the possible run for the money, left alone in family to nurture the apprehensions,
Million dreams, gasped within and washed away by the blinding lights of the hustling youth,
Fading away the thought of big dreams in the big city alone left covered by the million truths,

Rinsed in the dirt from the young, heart pumping to get cleanse the layers of unwanted faces,
Struggled hard to jump out of the big lights to a city of fresh life and a new partner and tough times,
Faint beginnings and edgy leaps, pacing slowly to make road for the life, mimicking the aces,
Principles and high emotions marked the ability to roll along easy in time of tough tides,

Fathering a new life, in the tight situations and big dreams, with limitations stronger than steel,
Never kept the pockets empty, kept the dreams alive, with sacrifices keeping his life on the heel,
Father to a son, husband to a wife, brother to all for in any time of needs,
Loved and called by all gratifying the magnitude of his patience rendered by his incomparable deeds,

Moulded day by day to the new struggles and sweet memories, learned his way out of the rough,
Standing this day to the more to come, personified by the aura, marathon of this life made him tough,
With the age falling on, the grey hair, reaching a new height of the castle you’ve built out of hard-earned pieces,
Happy Birthday Narinder Mohan, for this life isn’t big enough for your love and the awaiting prizes.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Stuck in the Middle

And yet again, it happened, crashed and shook the dust of the ceiling,
Wrapped in the time bound happiness, inflicted by the accident of the broken wing,
And the motionless flight of my thoughts crashed against the wall,
How sad it was to burn and fall even though I was to crawl,

Multiple bruises and the latches that kept on reminding the pain,
It was all dark around me and what was left of me was a smile swallowed in vain,
Redemption in the sweet songs of the stories left behind by the dead,
Foolish thoughts of a dreamer, better be left alone instead,

Tantalizingly the wicked nature of the sufferings obnoxiously sweet,
Running around the same path endlessly in a flash to keep it all discreet,
Slipping secretly the wishes and the notes below the lost ground,
It was the last chance, commissioned into the game, between the love lost and found,

The tickling feeling and the smile brought by the touch,
Touch of hers and the cracking of the mind that hadn't lost much,
Ringing bells in the air echoing in my breathe melancholy,
The battle was hung in the thoughts of hers that were begging to be free

Friday, February 20, 2015

Dancing in the Rains

Deep behind the branches, lost in the amaze of the transcendence of the sun,
There lay rest the shadows of those moments and the hidden fun,
Amidst all the odds, the gazelle was free within the boundaries,
Spirited, wild and free, ran across the jungle to catch a glimpse of the frivolities,

Laying off to the turns of the waves of the center lake,
Sipping the thirst momentously with the thought of a much needed break,
Miracles and the constant efforts of fighting the way through,
The game was ongoing and the sufferings were a result the chances he blew,

The glared bridge beyond the trees through the passage of darkness,
Contemplating between the inner desires and strings that bind the lives aimless,
Fielding the love, yet insipid, lacking the essence of the lost times,
The heart had become too weak to battle the self inflicted crimes,

A stray walk, crunching the leaves, and collecting the air as chances went by,
Laying the dead to rest, detest and arrest the thought to die,
The story had yet to be written, free to snap up the chains,
For he could understand the real joy of dancing in the rains.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Abstract Absurdness

Figurines and the twisted metals coming out of the detailing,
The rusted and the dusted agonizing presence of the clock ticking,
Imagine the racing of the witches besides the open windows,
This was the final count of the opportunity and how the time froze.

Spool of the wool left lying around the room, hanging by the balance,
It was the randomness of the owner and the constant fight with his hidden arrogance,
Rage and filled within that dying age, knowingly generated chaos,
Twisted by the moment, the disturbed yet so near perfect is the timeless gloss.

Obliterating any chances of liquidating the presence of energy,
Effigizing the remains that were left behind of the hapless strategy,
Marauding the efforts of the others and the leftovers of the fight,
Madness, purity and the smoothness that brought an end to the blinding light,

Slowly swaying and fading away the after effects of the air,
Dancing to the tunes of the puzzles left behind with that cold stare,
Slayed and butchered inside the hall and left to wandered within that maze,
Carrying on from the loss, his clock was stuck since the start, on her haze.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Negative Influence

They say turn off the lights, its time to bed, lay rest the grave,
I say the time has come to wake the dead from rest and spread the crave,
My shouts and their cries, got my second soul, hidden open part,
Complying calmly to the uncalm behaviors of mine, it was just the start,

Fists pump in the air, and wine flowing along the walls,
There was noise all around the causeway and the tidy halls,
Hello there Maharaj, are you here for the after rave,
Blown up fuses and the random shouts to slay the floor with the wave,

People prefer to stay away, when I am awake,
You bring in the zest to spice up the tremors and the earthquakes,
Dancing with the night lights in the fog with lost souls,
Fought many battles to overcome the bindings of the society and its tolls,

My demeanor and yet they call me the negative influence,
Bundles of energy and the readiness to do invigorates the essence,
Are you still wondering to be a cause of that bugger cause,
Despite the longing of the long sleepless night, bring your self to that pause.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Measuring Depths

And she jumped on me like the fog in the night,
There lay his hands on her, slowly buttering her flesh with all his might,
Swiftly rising above the zest of her breath,
It was the soft and cushioned grasp that could have beaten death,

Chipping in slowly and beautifully entangling in between,
Flowing with the involution, it was a never ending scene,
Hysterical yet so magical, led me to blinded lights,
I could never imagine myself reaching to the unfathomed heights,

Slowly and softly squeezing the gaps into fire filled with thrusts,
Crawling, twisting and turning, it was a symphony of two busts,
Blowing away time on every hit note, she could hear herself reaching the hill,
For it was time to blow the horn and stop the momentous drill,

Ploughing the movement till the end, and binding the bodies in a trance,
It was the last gasp of air we filled ourselves with that last glance,
Shot between the seconds and the infinite threads that flew within us,
Reaching the heavenly shores dried up, we had parked our bus.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Momentarily Dissolution

Articulating the journey prophesied by destiny,
Lost the track of events jumbled up within the tangled irony,
Hey now, run up to the call,
It is the pinned down hope of a miser and that free fall,

Summed up within the few chapters of seamless energy,
It wasn't that easy to find a soul to strike that chord of synergy,
Instant of quick decisions sideways and fixed are the plans,
Cant it be the for longed and prolonged pains of my lost clans,

The silence and its betrayal followed with grim of the reaper,
It was just a nod made from heaven to find the plan keeper,
Wake from the fears and run behind the arms of my silence,
Hopes and joys are source of the happiness and its absence,

Imagine the race to mountains and the fight against the dragons,
Leave behind the cravings dipped in the lost actions,
There is always room to find that empty slot in spite of the darkness,
Forge the way to the top and leave everyone breathless.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Breaking The Wall

The rage framed by the walls of time,
Are repeating the course of the destiny,
Stung by the emotions are stuck by the sorrows,
Curled up within are the rusted and narrow alleys.

Into the wilds the precise and refine strides,
Everest and the abysses freeze minds,
The peace of mind in the indifferent wonders of crimes,
Lost in the trance of the small lines are these pretty finds

Fighting with the right spirit it was a march,
To reach the end of the world covered with a snow filled arch,
Engaged in the art of the flying mystics,
Toppled the surroundings with zestful full of love,

There is a thin line between insanity and reality,
For there is the profound love captured in those vessels,
In that deep moment of the so loved truth,
Let us not wait for it to happen and bite the fruit.


Drifting apart in the crowd was a face,
Rising above the rest there lay his crude grace,
Inside the pockets of the memories lay his piece,
Uncover his journey and the mystic way of living life with ease,
Bending the cruel corners of time along the sharp boundaries,
Hideous yet it may seem, he was the true son of the nineties,
Commanding the herd from left to right,
Always ready the man with gun for an irresistible fight,
For the time to travel to the unfound lands had come,
A new place written on the map known to some,
Caressed the situations to smother the moment,
Estranged motions and the Success stories were distant,
Above and beyond the shadows of time lay his spirit,
Finding the right amounts of people on the clock in the empty basket,
Fulfilling the skipping stones and their desires to run,
Amidst all the travel there is a road filled of fun,

Lost Opportunity

To the shallow water I  tried to swim in and run,
Rough end and narrow friends life was more than fun,
The revolution was unheard with the emulsified expressions,
The beats came through the drums packed with emotions,

For those small moments I ran to the shore to catch you,
Found out the shadow you projected was made of my hue,
Demise of the moment and the mountain built of the strange visions,
In an instant the craving for a chance to change the decisions,

Moon and the light captured within my feet,
I lost the plot and the life worth of effort gone in the heat,
The burden of the empty heart, carrying the weight,
Never frightened though had crashed and burned the stage,

Knitted deeply the bond is so strong that the string fell short of words,
Running blindly I am the one of those lost soul in the random herds,
For even if I tried to fit the sorrows in my pocket,
There would have been many days I spend counting the moments in my basket.