Friday, July 24, 2015


Wake up and push the blanket to the edge of the bed,
Crawl out of the system and sip the water you just been fed,
Slip inside the cave build to fit your feet.
It’s the walk, the slow movement of the death march of the day.

Hideous the motion of the moment callous to the beholder,
Simple to run than to hold the danger close to the heart,
Beating fanatically the base withholding the ears,
The sound flashed every pulsating seconds of the lost years,

Careless to the rhythm of the beating pause,
Lusted upon the dangers of the cravings and the wild cause,
Gallant the brave soul who marched to the gallows of the brothels,
The rush of the blood was too damp to fit in their skulls,

Wooden clamps and the hard earned midnight reading lamps,
All covered with the dust of blood from the refugee camps,
Still ignited by the thought of a war looming over my head,
The hunch of the madness covered in the dream wrapped on my bed.

Gloomy Eyes

Passages into the book of leaves,
Crusted and dusted within those trees,
Following within the pages of leaflets,
The veins runs high & dry fighting its presence to be free,

Within the adjusted fairness mapped to the senses,
Lost within time connecting bridges that overlook the dark forces,
Shadows of time built upon the castles of lust,
On a quest to wipe out history unrest under, years of dust,

Risk of getting burst under imminent force of emotions,
Isolating the wrong things in the right way to hide the devil's expressions,
Weary the threads of time, bound faintly to the ground,
Sense lost and crushed, no matter how the effect was, the jungle made no sound,

Distant edgy lights dimmed the smiles,
Calls for the water to fall from the sky buried within the files,
Missed the opening of the weather in the high demands of war,
There is a lot to learn from the dead than to see what is not too far.

The Ballet

Dancers on the road, pulling the magic off the feet,
Rising the bottle in the air, crash and burn the hall is lit so sweet,
Swinging up and down, shaking the air around with the force of the heavy sweat,
Beat the emotion around and cut any sort of past and its threat.

The heart so light, the wings spread in the light end of the wind,
Movement so careful, can hear the pretty white light rescind,
All the hopes buttered down to the lanes, took a while to process,
Glass shattered in the moment, the thoughts broke and took a recess.

My call, my taking, living up to the heavy feeling and the blood shot,
To the pulse of the last few drops, and the head sinking in the pot,
Painting the picture beautifully. these thoughts came so random,
Every page stacked and pressed, blew the faces in a dignified tandem,

The push, drift back and the pull, swinging and panting, drawing heavy air,
Pick a fight and drop the coins on the floors, feel her hair,
Move her down, to your arms, cradle her to her grave,
Run the hands, cover the holes, and blind the eyes, don’t be afraid,

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Jumping around the caves, in the dark nightmare,
Staring the standing cows pushed in the wall,
Sneezing in the winds blowing dust running for a cover,
The pattern was laid on the floor to crawl,

The snoring lights and blazing sounds,
Turned the heaviest defeats in to the dawn and dusted fights,
The uprooted caravan and the carcass of death scattered,
Flocked the love machine into lust of search,

Waltzing into the maze left amazed to question,
Swallow the fear hidden in the corner of the room,
Just as the statues answered the silent call,
Sit tight and wait for the gentle scream to rise,

Nicer the imaginations of the red roses and sweet smell,
Crushed within the rusts of the time tested disappointments,
How amazing the feeling settled on the top shelf,
Left alone to rot in the space made by the time-travelled arrests,

Flock of birds and marriage of words slow death by the bed,
Doped by the thought of fear in the cornered heart,
Docking the finest of troubles saved to destroy the set pace,
Light fire to the debris of love, allow pain to be felt with grace,