Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Jumping around the caves, in the dark nightmare,
Staring the standing cows pushed in the wall,
Sneezing in the winds blowing dust running for a cover,
The pattern was laid on the floor to crawl,

The snoring lights and blazing sounds,
Turned the heaviest defeats in to the dawn and dusted fights,
The uprooted caravan and the carcass of death scattered,
Flocked the love machine into lust of search,

Waltzing into the maze left amazed to question,
Swallow the fear hidden in the corner of the room,
Just as the statues answered the silent call,
Sit tight and wait for the gentle scream to rise,

Nicer the imaginations of the red roses and sweet smell,
Crushed within the rusts of the time tested disappointments,
How amazing the feeling settled on the top shelf,
Left alone to rot in the space made by the time-travelled arrests,

Flock of birds and marriage of words slow death by the bed,
Doped by the thought of fear in the cornered heart,
Docking the finest of troubles saved to destroy the set pace,
Light fire to the debris of love, allow pain to be felt with grace,

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