Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Romancing With Death

Set me into the grooves, the sweet hooves,
O Baby set the room on fire and bring on the dancing shoes,
Dress me in the whites, the drapes too are tied,
Wrap me around you, the corners are fried/fired,

Hmm to the grace of your love and lust,
The power of your eyes and the kiss is a must,
Aren't you the fundamental taste of the feast?
come and bind me to your thighs just like the yeast,

Bang it baby, flash it in front of your eyes,
Let me drop it in, and linger in to the fire,
snaky eyes and shaky thrusts, the force is a storm,
Zeus has come down to see you and is ready to deform,

For it is you I have to kill,
Stand over you and let the blood the spill,
Moments of truth and moments of death,
Let me enjoy you on a piece of bread. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Devils Game

Finding the darkest of the pleasures in the brimmest of the lights,
In the covered sheath of the cold waters,
The hair start to rise in the midst of her shadow,
The devil, seen in the winds, won’t wait for the tomorrow,

Hideous may be the reality of the truth yet to uncover,
There were lost souls amongst the clouds and not a single flag to hurl,
The lands were covered with ice and snow,
No remorse, the dead walked with the darkest glow,

Roaming wildly, yet searching for the pinch of freedom to taste,
Streets filled with fire had no space, there was no time one couldn’t waste,
Stressful the danger lurked ahead on the way,
Even the gods couldn’t save them in the dark of the days

Singled out by the thought of defeat,
Dead bodies saw their heads rolled down to their feet,
The blood spilled, covered the lands with the flood of fire,
One shot to the veins and the miser couldn’t wish to get much higher

Crusty Rusty Love

Through the thin crusty layers of ice,
The love was so fragile that I could see its sudden demise,
Covered by the flakes of past, the snow was plain,
Lost amongst the shadows were the sweet memories of ours washed down the drain,

Sinned the last summer, winters came heavy on,
The rush was too much to handle the forces were heavy and strong,
The open heart, punctured by the thought of separation dried,
What so ever may be the reason, efforts made so much nothing more could be tried,

Assumptions of a lovers broken heart, traumatized by the pain,
The million battles everyday fought amongst ourselves,
Dwelled into a war brought miseries and tears to dry up again,
To the blacks and the raging white was divided my soul and the every part of me,

The weekly sun came into too late to burn the puzzle left on the tracks,
Breathing heavily under the rains of the hidden love,
Cemented by the rage beneath, filled up the widened cracks,
Drifting slowly into the deep abyss, my hands emptied the pockets in the gloves.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A War Within

In front of the meadows and the fragile pastures,
The lost rays of the sun gold struck divine,
Shallow hearts and the frost bitten emotions,
No deep plunges cover the track, prepare the bungees,

Hunchback I crashed into the frozen lake,
Breaking the ice, the big splash, the chill made me unsafe,
For the deep, yet so intensifying push of the emotions was true,
You can never bind yourself to the roots once you bite the fruit,

Now that the lesson is learnt, the books have fallen,
Push forward the demons and summon the events to happen,
Let the echoes of the leaves remind you the tress you are to uproot,
Plunge on to your enemies, swiftly and mysteriously just like an owl's hoot,

With the stroke of midnight, we attack,
The bells rings and the candles lit up the fortress,
Bring down the wall; leave no trace, no corpse,
Let there be no mercy, strike every blow with no remorse.

"Anger & Love are a result of a filled heart with an empty mind”

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fame Game

Undivided attention, the hideous characters mark the road,
The wheels give way to the creatures crawling and the death seems too cold,
No wonder the weather seemed so much jaded,
The colors and light of the city and people are faded,

Dust rolls up the alleys, dried up left alone deserted,
The daylight is heavy, yet no one is left affected,
No one rings a bell, the rest seem to lay in the pool mourning,
Crying over the demise of their soul, happy with their petty earnings

Dig it up, the answers, the reason, those brought you here,
You are the problem, the 'soul'-ution is with you to share,
Nudge out of the small creaks to catch the early sunlight,
Don't be afraid to take the step and get ready for the fight,

March on to the top, blow the horn and begin the game,
Gulp down the moment that may sprinkle over you pinch of shame,
Because you are not alone waiting to be heard and paid,
You are just another one of his creation fighting the rest for the distant fame.


The masters of the seas and the sun,
Inside the broken branches lies hidden my gun,
I might try to keep it away from me,
I am not propelled, it just the feeling of being free,

Loud noises and hidden cravings beckon the animals,
The woods worry me; the misty winds bring my spine to a crackle,
The bottle and a pipe in hand, nights feel like light,
With the soft guitar and moon by my side I am ready for the flight,

Far away from the shallow roars of the world,
Let there be no one for me to be heard,
For this night and the next night to be followed,
I am fresh and ready waiting for my soul to be swallowed,

Heavy and those ineffective distant dreams, full of sorrows,
Re-structure your thoughts; come out of the deep dead wallows,
All the stabs and their still open wounds remind me of the love,
Crush the penchants left behind, and aim for the sky above.