Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Romancing With Death

Set me into the grooves, the sweet hooves,
O Baby set the room on fire and bring on the dancing shoes,
Dress me in the whites, the drapes too are tied,
Wrap me around you, the corners are fried/fired,

Hmm to the grace of your love and lust,
The power of your eyes and the kiss is a must,
Aren't you the fundamental taste of the feast?
come and bind me to your thighs just like the yeast,

Bang it baby, flash it in front of your eyes,
Let me drop it in, and linger in to the fire,
snaky eyes and shaky thrusts, the force is a storm,
Zeus has come down to see you and is ready to deform,

For it is you I have to kill,
Stand over you and let the blood the spill,
Moments of truth and moments of death,
Let me enjoy you on a piece of bread.