Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Long March

Feeble, weak, and the fragile, the road was set to be made,
The tress on the road side were about to blossom, imparting all their shade,
Brevity of the lifespan lead to the quick events and path was laid,
He who started the long journey was rendered afraid,

Could squeak in all the intelligence but made to look like a Simpleton,
Took the advice of the close ones and marched on to the gallery of emotions,
Dismissed all the learning’s he who could gather from the others who tried to help,
Didn’t bother what he was getting, because he thought he had everything and forgot the rest,

A road block and the pit, thought of the bindings of life, ruthless,
Blinded, couldn't think beyond to face more blocks, couldn't understand and was getting depressed,
Time to gather the pieces and search for the right answer as he thought and laid everything to rest,
Covered every advice and the expressions he received and marched forward to uncover and faced many tests,

For he realized the missed opportunities and the feeble bindings,
'Uprooted' the old path which he had followed to lay out his new and pure delayed findings,
Plain and the gloominess that so much eluded the happiness of the castle,
The knight had risen from the grave and the world will now witness the gin out of the bottle.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Lost and Found in Between Love

The stag walked in the rainforest covered with snow mistaken the surroundings,
Walked till reached the pool with shallow waters and thought about the shinning boundings,
Wandered here and there for the portal and the surreal strings that fed him with the existence,
No one was there any more, to mark the fact that he had lost his importance,

Stupid, exciting, floundering, and iced the sinister moments of moments were made,
Running wildly without a meaning, still like a shallow grave, no one to be afraid,
Imaginations flew and the memories had begun to flow in flashes of water gulps,
Suppressing, compressing, hunting down every false recipe that had been made out of the wrong pulp,

Soon as he walked every heavy footstep to the foot of the steep hill down,
Saw a beauty, or a dream, the unknown seemed known at the onset of a sweet catacomb and it was a new dawn,
Tripping, heavily, careful steps, burning the energy hardly for the softness he was about to witness,
Sparkle, shimmering, a hidden smile, met HER, the inevitable and possessor of a rare sweetness,

Surrounded by a recipe of love, all that she can offer every time, anytime, which he came to know,
Hazed by the ambience she pulled off with the enigma and the energy of the skin and bones and her afterglow,
It was getting harder to resist her, the impatience grew and the feeling started to fuse with his blood,
The hind was closing on to the stag deeply stag's deep and profound footsteps, to bring out the emotional flood,

The glance, the flare and the channel of fire that raged beneath them, unknowingly known to the species,
No pretence, no tension, no refrain, the indulge, the soft parade had begun, the pound of heart,
Both uncaged simultaneously, the pure animals, crazy, new found hormonal rush, without any intentions of a flirt,
From dawn to noon to dusk, the horns locked, the gentle sound, the mood swinged with the bloom of million daisies,

Snow melted, water flew, the rainforests had exploded and flooded with the much deserved affection,
The growing stones trembled under crumble of the thunder of the passion and rage they threw,
With the connection and touch, gave each other wings and with the sweet wind they flew,
Streets they roamed, cradled and swept the flow of time, so wanted this everlasting infection,

With the lions in the night, open and wandering, the couple rode on without any fear,
The love they possessed, nothing could even harm them and near or far, there was nothing they could hear,
They lit the dark with their light, and darkened the ever so surrounding mysteries that ever clouded the moonlight,
Cried, laughed, moaned, enjoyed, enjoyed every sweetness and bitterness together without any fright,

They were truly, madly and deeply lost and found in between the sweet potion called LOVE,
"You are mine, no You are mine", and they slept off to another night that went by watching the pond and the resting dove,
To the day to come, and to the hours to follow, to the days that swept by their side, and matched the sweat by sweat,
Breathe by breathe, heartfelt thumping beats, uncovered the sheets, the story written covering every single threat,

Wind Chimes, bell tolls, hundred flying above, chirpings in the sky, the sweet noise,
Destined to be together, a connection was made and a love story knitted without any choice,
Love, hatred, sorrow, joy, dismay, happiness, all in one bag, the sweet sorroundings,
They fullfilled the air around them with a notion of satisfaction and light yet smelted boundings,

Obnoxiously the maple leaves laid alleys were filled with the predators in the dark,
Woven cobwebs, setup for the tropical capture of the hind, all was going haywire in a spark,
The thought of losing the hind struck like a needle in the eye, avoided getting blinded by the sudden gush,
Empowered by the love, the energy and vitality, dismantled every possible threat in a rush,

"Oh, Love are you in Pain", with fury and rage i nhis eyes, covered with the soft cloud of grace and love,
The hind clambered up on to the stag, the moment, the emotions and the fear of separation frightened her,
Found a safe haven far ahead to relax and breathe in the anonymous yet scarce forest full of resting caves,
Spend the night here, in the rain, with no fear, best place to set up their conclave,

Time never concluded, nor did the spent seconds, from the many rising suns,
To all the pressed buttons, lets conquer every of our expectations,
Until the start to the last drop of the flavor of the end, close or far, the safe hidden treasures,
Walked, and smoothed and moved on till the end of the ends and the recaptivating everyday and its pleasures.

"Love can be loved with immense patience,
with a perfect combination of pure and feathered intentions.."


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Image of the True Lies

Notched, ripped and plundered of what all you had,
The treasures all has been looted, the thee has fed on the fake amistad,
Serviced and worked up the enquiry pulled up the top notch report,
The result brutal, shattered all and busted the nicely made rapport,

The wines, the smokes, the rings of fires, eased in to the mood,
Everything falls out rather than in to pieces and what is left is scattered food,
Bulging the fool out of the window of that uncontrolled speeding car,
Could see the march of the time and the time to reconcile was not so far,

Turn around slowly, rise above from the muds and the swamps been hiding into,
The righteous lies in the sunny skies, cleared from the clouds of the dark shadows,
Build the path and uncover the dust that leads to the waiting chateaus,
March on to the surmount and the indispensable victory dance to do,

Find peace and not glory, find dignity and not pride,
Never forget what you've been through and the one who gave you this ride,
Look back in wonder, not wander but to attest the happenings,
It was just meant to make you reach till the achievements and today's shinings.