Sunday, February 5, 2012

Image of the True Lies

Notched, ripped and plundered of what all you had,
The treasures all has been looted, the thee has fed on the fake amistad,
Serviced and worked up the enquiry pulled up the top notch report,
The result brutal, shattered all and busted the nicely made rapport,

The wines, the smokes, the rings of fires, eased in to the mood,
Everything falls out rather than in to pieces and what is left is scattered food,
Bulging the fool out of the window of that uncontrolled speeding car,
Could see the march of the time and the time to reconcile was not so far,

Turn around slowly, rise above from the muds and the swamps been hiding into,
The righteous lies in the sunny skies, cleared from the clouds of the dark shadows,
Build the path and uncover the dust that leads to the waiting chateaus,
March on to the surmount and the indispensable victory dance to do,

Find peace and not glory, find dignity and not pride,
Never forget what you've been through and the one who gave you this ride,
Look back in wonder, not wander but to attest the happenings,
It was just meant to make you reach till the achievements and today's shinings.

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