Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Long March

Feeble, weak, and the fragile, the road was set to be made,
The tress on the road side were about to blossom, imparting all their shade,
Brevity of the lifespan lead to the quick events and path was laid,
He who started the long journey was rendered afraid,

Could squeak in all the intelligence but made to look like a Simpleton,
Took the advice of the close ones and marched on to the gallery of emotions,
Dismissed all the learning’s he who could gather from the others who tried to help,
Didn’t bother what he was getting, because he thought he had everything and forgot the rest,

A road block and the pit, thought of the bindings of life, ruthless,
Blinded, couldn't think beyond to face more blocks, couldn't understand and was getting depressed,
Time to gather the pieces and search for the right answer as he thought and laid everything to rest,
Covered every advice and the expressions he received and marched forward to uncover and faced many tests,

For he realized the missed opportunities and the feeble bindings,
'Uprooted' the old path which he had followed to lay out his new and pure delayed findings,
Plain and the gloominess that so much eluded the happiness of the castle,
The knight had risen from the grave and the world will now witness the gin out of the bottle.

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