Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Negative Influence

They say turn off the lights, its time to bed, lay rest the grave,
I say the time has come to wake the dead from rest and spread the crave,
My shouts and their cries, got my second soul, hidden open part,
Complying calmly to the uncalm behaviors of mine, it was just the start,

Fists pump in the air, and wine flowing along the walls,
There was noise all around the causeway and the tidy halls,
Hello there Maharaj, are you here for the after rave,
Blown up fuses and the random shouts to slay the floor with the wave,

People prefer to stay away, when I am awake,
You bring in the zest to spice up the tremors and the earthquakes,
Dancing with the night lights in the fog with lost souls,
Fought many battles to overcome the bindings of the society and its tolls,

My demeanor and yet they call me the negative influence,
Bundles of energy and the readiness to do invigorates the essence,
Are you still wondering to be a cause of that bugger cause,
Despite the longing of the long sleepless night, bring your self to that pause.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Measuring Depths

And she jumped on me like the fog in the night,
There lay his hands on her, slowly buttering her flesh with all his might,
Swiftly rising above the zest of her breath,
It was the soft and cushioned grasp that could have beaten death,

Chipping in slowly and beautifully entangling in between,
Flowing with the involution, it was a never ending scene,
Hysterical yet so magical, led me to blinded lights,
I could never imagine myself reaching to the unfathomed heights,

Slowly and softly squeezing the gaps into fire filled with thrusts,
Crawling, twisting and turning, it was a symphony of two busts,
Blowing away time on every hit note, she could hear herself reaching the hill,
For it was time to blow the horn and stop the momentous drill,

Ploughing the movement till the end, and binding the bodies in a trance,
It was the last gasp of air we filled ourselves with that last glance,
Shot between the seconds and the infinite threads that flew within us,
Reaching the heavenly shores dried up, we had parked our bus.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Momentarily Dissolution

Articulating the journey prophesied by destiny,
Lost the track of events jumbled up within the tangled irony,
Hey now, run up to the call,
It is the pinned down hope of a miser and that free fall,

Summed up within the few chapters of seamless energy,
It wasn't that easy to find a soul to strike that chord of synergy,
Instant of quick decisions sideways and fixed are the plans,
Cant it be the for longed and prolonged pains of my lost clans,

The silence and its betrayal followed with grim of the reaper,
It was just a nod made from heaven to find the plan keeper,
Wake from the fears and run behind the arms of my silence,
Hopes and joys are source of the happiness and its absence,

Imagine the race to mountains and the fight against the dragons,
Leave behind the cravings dipped in the lost actions,
There is always room to find that empty slot in spite of the darkness,
Forge the way to the top and leave everyone breathless.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Breaking The Wall

The rage framed by the walls of time,
Are repeating the course of the destiny,
Stung by the emotions are stuck by the sorrows,
Curled up within are the rusted and narrow alleys.

Into the wilds the precise and refine strides,
Everest and the abysses freeze minds,
The peace of mind in the indifferent wonders of crimes,
Lost in the trance of the small lines are these pretty finds

Fighting with the right spirit it was a march,
To reach the end of the world covered with a snow filled arch,
Engaged in the art of the flying mystics,
Toppled the surroundings with zestful full of love,

There is a thin line between insanity and reality,
For there is the profound love captured in those vessels,
In that deep moment of the so loved truth,
Let us not wait for it to happen and bite the fruit.


Drifting apart in the crowd was a face,
Rising above the rest there lay his crude grace,
Inside the pockets of the memories lay his piece,
Uncover his journey and the mystic way of living life with ease,
Bending the cruel corners of time along the sharp boundaries,
Hideous yet it may seem, he was the true son of the nineties,
Commanding the herd from left to right,
Always ready the man with gun for an irresistible fight,
For the time to travel to the unfound lands had come,
A new place written on the map known to some,
Caressed the situations to smother the moment,
Estranged motions and the Success stories were distant,
Above and beyond the shadows of time lay his spirit,
Finding the right amounts of people on the clock in the empty basket,
Fulfilling the skipping stones and their desires to run,
Amidst all the travel there is a road filled of fun,

Lost Opportunity

To the shallow water I  tried to swim in and run,
Rough end and narrow friends life was more than fun,
The revolution was unheard with the emulsified expressions,
The beats came through the drums packed with emotions,

For those small moments I ran to the shore to catch you,
Found out the shadow you projected was made of my hue,
Demise of the moment and the mountain built of the strange visions,
In an instant the craving for a chance to change the decisions,

Moon and the light captured within my feet,
I lost the plot and the life worth of effort gone in the heat,
The burden of the empty heart, carrying the weight,
Never frightened though had crashed and burned the stage,

Knitted deeply the bond is so strong that the string fell short of words,
Running blindly I am the one of those lost soul in the random herds,
For even if I tried to fit the sorrows in my pocket,
There would have been many days I spend counting the moments in my basket.