Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Contract

The rising sun has hit the shore at the end of the sea, never to be touched,
He felt it a millions of times without being hit by the ocean wave,
We all are passengers under the same contracts that beholds the existing,
Not to run and hide from the on goings, nothing to be afraid and to hide,

Sleeping for many days, for over the years are yet to hit the lazy,
Wake up miser, reap under the sun, shine like the crazy,
Rich stairs and the falling chairs, the randomness all around proves to be lethal,
Trip inside the best of the notes you've hit till day, crank up the and stop being feeble,

Numbers and the counts keep on increasing and mould into a different metal,
The contract has begun, its ticking with clocks hymn, every second,
Clap, grasps, fist up the movements, gather all your friends,
Suit up, tighten up, it is ticking, ticking and will slip out one day,

It’s getting darker, the moon has to go, make its way, before you could understand,
Feed yourselves, digest what you've been learned to swallow, and learn to demand,
The drugs no more work, the kick we crave for so much ever so lasting for few moments has died,
Fool, don’t you see, the things don’t work, open your eyes, your brain is getting fried.

"Demonic Suffering leads to Pin Pointed Cranky Happiness"
-Nishant Mohan

The Ringing Bells

The ringing bells in your head never cease to stop,
what breaks in between is the silence that we acquire for a moment,
The moment lasts many miles, and runs till we awaken and break out,
What if the bells toll to the end, and makes you sleep forever,

For the destiny has already been engraved deep,
For the route has to be decided by us and the path to foresee,
In between the reality and the golden dream we see for to shine,
There are a lot of abnormalities in the way that are sharp and fine,

Forging every step to reach the final successfully,
Tend to cover many tracks with fake and distant memories that cease to exist,
In the shadows of the green pastures the devils hides with the rake to uproot the rooted,
Stand tall and still with all the strength and faith and act before the arrow has been shooted,

Past, present, future, are all man made divisions of time,
What they fail to realize that, they are suiting themselves and creating different ways to adjust their crimes,
Near or far, love remains the same, what steps in between the adulterated emotions from the left overs,
Find a way, let the love and let its light to cover the darkness and move out of the covers.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Left, Right and the FINAL

Fake, untrue, unjust, detested and fallen,
All are just the devils way of corrupting the true,
What comes in between the normal rage of the fine blends?
The richness bound between the fine hit notes of the purity,

What a shame, leads to many more games, hidden under the closet,
Look up and taste the color of the skies on the onset,
Bright and sunny sights are easy to wonder and hard to capture,
All it takes a simple blow and the negative to rest inside the fracture,

Warmth, and the softness that we all crave for inside the womb,
Womb which we try to create every second for us and give ourselves room,
Oh, worldly saint, the sorrowed, the piper, beckon the bellows,
Paint and unrusted, all the things visible and uncover the horrors and sorrows,

Product of what can be thought of as the finest creation till date,
Open the dam, let it flow and just watch close and sit by the gate,
Control what you see and what you want, because at the end only you can make it,
For all you have been fighting for has been and will the perfect fit.

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Hall

Into the motionless lane of the bridged emotions tied by the strings,
That restless feeling, ever wished so immaculate air around all bound in the small fringes,
Wide open the ONE tries to see past them to calculate,
Nibbles on to March forward open blinded by the momentum of the plucked strings and their ever so delusional estimate,

Final edition of what has yet to be revealed,
I have a lot more of things to show you and to conceal,
How can the world notice the upbringings in these downfalls,
When I can only offer you me, myself, and the infinite cravings leading to the long hall,

Flashing by the big door stands my guard with the light ready to help you March,
Clocks no clocks, the time will always be by your side, learn to glow with its flow,
Not alone, your shadow always within the fortress I have built around you to run around,
The world is yours, absolve yourself from the already dissolved, and keep yourself above the ground,

Numbered lives with crooked days with the myriad of journeys to spend,
Don’t rush in, don’t be lazy, push forward and not dive in to grab the key before it’s too late,
Easy, open it, turn the knob, and wait for me patiently at the gate,
Step outside with me, refresh, and let me take care of you until the end.

Voguish Pandemonium

Star studded high flier the event was much of a promise,
Advertised but the ratio was big to pull off the surprise,
Ill raise the banner to the top of the cliff,
Call out your name and ask you to get stiff,

The shadows of the phoenix and the ashes of those birds,
I call out the name of the only ONE to see the turn of events and these dead herds,
Give love sometime and burn out the greed,
Talk and call out those souls, who are forever freed,

The forest is on fire,
There is nothing what the poet had desired,
There was a stable which is not that high,
The horses fled, all but not one,

Nature has its ways of presenting things to us,
And we always want to grab everything and to board on the bus,
There are something’s, rather feeling in life which can’t be grabbed,
Those are only granted to us, and those can never be bragged

The Uncertainty

Frequency, the brain is dead,
Pops open the eyes; your hair began to fall,
Things are OK, yet he says the life is fuzzy,
He asks, do you like me, still he is confused,

He talks about racism, happy to race with them,
Asks us about the whites, the darks, the blacks,
Yet he fails to realize he isn't liked,
And again, he asks do you like me, still he is confused,

Define logic, he asks; there is no logic for this,
Problems can be small can be large,
But he will still have that fall,
And yet again he asks, do you like me,

The gentle sound, eyes popped out, with the papers flying,
Stuck with the solution to which NOW the problem has been offered,
Many ways to solve the indefinite, yet none to choose from,
Confused, he screams and yells are you made for it??

Monday, March 19, 2012


Risen from the maximum to reach a minimum to aim for infinity,
Life starts at a slow pace, but forced to grab all within that gravity,
Expectations & livid dreams, & varied lived up promises,
You are born to fulfill them all & just do nothing for yourself,

Divided & partitioned the resources you may possess,
No matter what ever it may take, fetch everything & grab it to access,
Heights & Lows, expectations always tend to grow,
Myriad of many distresses lead to the fighting everlasting shows,

"Hi, You recognize me, I was you and Now you are me",
Are you trapped in between & do you wish to be free,
Questions the normal upbringings that keep on building,
No where can you store for long these head bursting parodies,

Is the puzzle you made build for you at the start,
Block the risen heights of the dementic craziness and turn it into a craft,
Finish for what you have started, for those you love,
Nothing matters at the end, it is all what you give and be their peace dove.

"Inglorious yet so stressful years spent in making love,
No matter how much good you do,
A speck of the speck turns all into rust"


The Dream Watch

The clouds and the dreams beyond them,
The distant visions that we all like to blend,
Fall in a sweet distance amongst the likings and disliking of ours,
It all depends on how we all learn to manage our hours,

Its all within the boundaries and the shadows of the evenings,
All in all it is the downs and the mixed feeling with those grinning,
Raise the bar if you can because there is no limit to the insanity,
We the humans are just a piece in the puzzle kept under leashes of the gravity,

Try not to hold to the ground, there much above the skies,
Wings and the restored divisions inside the soul kept to fly,
Find the hollow openings to fit into the persona you possess,
The tide is too high to reach beneath the breathe, learn to obsess,

Never too tough to reach the last drop of the ocean,
Pause between the gaps and the resistance you could v offered by those notions,
The room can be filled with the sparkles and the spectacular mystiques,
Show your presence to everyone and uncover the ever so bold physique.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Seamless Perfection

You crave for the one to be on your arms tonight,
Start building up a varied number of strings to show your might,
Time and the emotions start opposing each magnitude,
You just wish you could forever love the one with the same attitude,

Only by the light inside the on sight of the shallow notes,
Love can be felt like the trickle on your deep throat,
It can’t be the rock felt on the head of the dead emotions and the skanked evenings,
Fine in every fines and the limited scarlet’s in the deep forests twining’s.

Wild, widest the craziness running inside the infuriated brain,
Let it flow, deep , too deep down until it reaches the narrow drain,
Watch them suffer, for you, decide when to run or when to burn,
Sweet and broad staged exits, make you decisive to face the time for your turn,

Handle the every small and minute of the fractions that can extract you,
Into the war those have put against to resist in the various hues,
Hi, I am the reflection of you and what you see Is ME,
Grab me, bind me with you, it is never too late, settle up and let’s get free.