Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Ringing Bells

The ringing bells in your head never cease to stop,
what breaks in between is the silence that we acquire for a moment,
The moment lasts many miles, and runs till we awaken and break out,
What if the bells toll to the end, and makes you sleep forever,

For the destiny has already been engraved deep,
For the route has to be decided by us and the path to foresee,
In between the reality and the golden dream we see for to shine,
There are a lot of abnormalities in the way that are sharp and fine,

Forging every step to reach the final successfully,
Tend to cover many tracks with fake and distant memories that cease to exist,
In the shadows of the green pastures the devils hides with the rake to uproot the rooted,
Stand tall and still with all the strength and faith and act before the arrow has been shooted,

Past, present, future, are all man made divisions of time,
What they fail to realize that, they are suiting themselves and creating different ways to adjust their crimes,
Near or far, love remains the same, what steps in between the adulterated emotions from the left overs,
Find a way, let the love and let its light to cover the darkness and move out of the covers.

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