Monday, March 19, 2012


Risen from the maximum to reach a minimum to aim for infinity,
Life starts at a slow pace, but forced to grab all within that gravity,
Expectations & livid dreams, & varied lived up promises,
You are born to fulfill them all & just do nothing for yourself,

Divided & partitioned the resources you may possess,
No matter what ever it may take, fetch everything & grab it to access,
Heights & Lows, expectations always tend to grow,
Myriad of many distresses lead to the fighting everlasting shows,

"Hi, You recognize me, I was you and Now you are me",
Are you trapped in between & do you wish to be free,
Questions the normal upbringings that keep on building,
No where can you store for long these head bursting parodies,

Is the puzzle you made build for you at the start,
Block the risen heights of the dementic craziness and turn it into a craft,
Finish for what you have started, for those you love,
Nothing matters at the end, it is all what you give and be their peace dove.

"Inglorious yet so stressful years spent in making love,
No matter how much good you do,
A speck of the speck turns all into rust"


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