Monday, March 26, 2012

The Hall

Into the motionless lane of the bridged emotions tied by the strings,
That restless feeling, ever wished so immaculate air around all bound in the small fringes,
Wide open the ONE tries to see past them to calculate,
Nibbles on to March forward open blinded by the momentum of the plucked strings and their ever so delusional estimate,

Final edition of what has yet to be revealed,
I have a lot more of things to show you and to conceal,
How can the world notice the upbringings in these downfalls,
When I can only offer you me, myself, and the infinite cravings leading to the long hall,

Flashing by the big door stands my guard with the light ready to help you March,
Clocks no clocks, the time will always be by your side, learn to glow with its flow,
Not alone, your shadow always within the fortress I have built around you to run around,
The world is yours, absolve yourself from the already dissolved, and keep yourself above the ground,

Numbered lives with crooked days with the myriad of journeys to spend,
Don’t rush in, don’t be lazy, push forward and not dive in to grab the key before it’s too late,
Easy, open it, turn the knob, and wait for me patiently at the gate,
Step outside with me, refresh, and let me take care of you until the end.

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