Monday, March 26, 2012

Voguish Pandemonium

Star studded high flier the event was much of a promise,
Advertised but the ratio was big to pull off the surprise,
Ill raise the banner to the top of the cliff,
Call out your name and ask you to get stiff,

The shadows of the phoenix and the ashes of those birds,
I call out the name of the only ONE to see the turn of events and these dead herds,
Give love sometime and burn out the greed,
Talk and call out those souls, who are forever freed,

The forest is on fire,
There is nothing what the poet had desired,
There was a stable which is not that high,
The horses fled, all but not one,

Nature has its ways of presenting things to us,
And we always want to grab everything and to board on the bus,
There are something’s, rather feeling in life which can’t be grabbed,
Those are only granted to us, and those can never be bragged

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