Friday, December 30, 2011

Hypnotic Blasphemy

Stoned to the ground, head still handing high in the sky and uptight,
Last night exorcism, and the flapped wings inside the kindled brain,
Amused the stares of the various onlookers on that stage,
Darling, you’ve set the world on fire, time to fringe the shinning’s and hold on to your refrains.

Demise of the shooting star in the backyard of your dreams,
Run out of the closet because you can only hear the screams,
If the dryness is too much for you to cling on to,
Bulge to the edge of the river of love you've kept hidden, and move into that sweet flow,

Hypnotic blasphemy that’s what you call the events when they turn around facing you,
Forget what you have loved too many times and the colors and the hue,
Snowflakes like the trickling time that ticks in finite infinities of the closed bridges and spaced walls,
Avenge the forbidden savior, your soul, your creed and rise from those many and countless free unwanted falls,

Streets were full of the candies and the cottons and the frills with the fake thrills,
Realize the gravity of the conspiration this world brings forward in front of you to tarnish the reality,
For the rest the shinning’s and the glitters is nothing but a sake of formality,
On the other hand, the beckoned call, mist uncovered from your eyes you can hear the shrill,

Wonder the thunders and astounded blunders that you have made and frisked the time,
Hi, I am you and you can see beyond me, out lasting the shaved grass on the garden of your fort,
Rained and rained and felt like drained, stood out for the mast, the ship has now sailed,
Assassinate the repudiated conventions of the destructively past and let your name be hailed.

A Bagful of Sand

The vicious eyes lead to the nerve endings that carve out your brain,
You tend to end up yourself drowned in that narrow drain,
Don’t restrain and muscle out your way out of bewilderment and not refrain,
Hold me let’s get together and walk in that soaking rain,

Circling around the circles that pull out your hair till they screech out every chord of yours,
Picturing the insinuation caused by the heavy desperate call out of your name,
Can’t stand or walk, move behind the back of your shadow that’s all what you think,
Don’t cover your path and move out of the way and make way for all the burdens of shame,

Justify every movement, every revolution you've put against yourself to fight,
It's nothing but a plea to move out in the shades and begin a new unprecedented flight,
Twist the mirror look above and into the sky and give a stare to your eyes,
Chuckle knuckle and brace up you will lead yourself in the tunnel full of light,

Knees weak, bone cracked, head strong, made a great positioning out of the rough foot marks,
Ride it till you can, there always a limit to the end of what you will reach one day,
Boost up, blood shot and high, get ready for everything because they are the sharks,
Light up the deep blue seas and the deep abyss with your enormity and leave everyone in dismay.

Monday, December 26, 2011


Windy, rusted, woke up the morning like a Camel in a desert,
Perfectly cameoflagued, the color wont show its presence neither its efforts,
Rounded and grounded evry step was catious and made out of risk,
Eyes wide open, jotted down every sun ray and the searched for predators in every sand he frisked,

Soon he reached the Oasis, what he thought, turned out to be a moat,
Filled with dirt and dead predators, skeletons, sight, unsighted, could feel the desperation of the throat,
Still walking, what god had gifted him, stradled on, to far unfair visions,
Skin and bones, ripped, but the spirit still high and unknown to the wavy horizons,

Whomsoever you meet, greet and then retreat, are full of surprises and strange misdeeds,
Covering the faces they bear within their shadows is a very well disguised feed,
Move away and not run, because one day you will land up in their own creed,
The world is full of fury and anger, the unrest is the justified soul bearing all but the solid hollowness of thee,

Left alone at the end, no matter what all boundings he may have had,
There was no emotion, no feeling left in him, and couldnt be deemed as sad,
The more he tried the more he fought and the more he felt like lost,
It all came down to meanings and expressions, and the moments in which he used to get caught,

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Skinned, uncovered emotions, fragile now and cant make a sound,
forced to, unforcefully, had to touch the ground,
The world had enough room, and I was not the only one,
Better I took the chances and marched on, than to rest and felt undone,

Its not too late, a lot of ground has yet to be covered under these heels,
Met a stranger and life changed, supersonic, I started to feel,
Curtained the prevailing curtailing, and waited for the dust to settle,
Wow, unplanned and sudden, it came in grabs, and I motioned the shuttle,

Drinks, cigarrates, happy times, showed me to live in the living,
Past seemed like a distant nightmare, no, felt it like a unjustified forgiving,
Bliss, sleepless nights, smile, felt so distant, could now feel it mine,
All to express and none to crave, body felt like reached THE shrine,

Alive, pumping, want to rest, the wrongs became right, and was love struck,
Touched, yet to be, heard, million times, the craving, you left me on the string,
Come back soon, I am waiting, the doors are opened and eyes are wide for you ring,
Take me away from there, I am sitting and waiting for you till the end of this rhyme.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Door

You crave for pain, and you think you have reached the hell,
Blasphemy, crude, immorality, you just ringed the bell,
The door hasn't opened in front of you yet,
Wait for it, it will come out and show you the rest,

Amazing the face of immortals, the defiance yet the humility,
Mixtured with the appropriate reactions and the instense gravity,
Welcomes inside the portal throught THAT door,
Every step I made, every muscle I flexed I could see myself on the mirror

Enter the courtroom that led to the cold and dusty graveyard,
Laid on the floor, disturbed, cobbled and wobbled stones resting on roses in the boulevard,
Now that has gone and won't ever return read the lines, clouded,
Where am I and the place so not rusted yet so murky, without any crowd.

Silence, shaky peace and disturbed silence, a fragile moment wanting to explode,
Felt like the life balanced on every size of shapes that are seen and are about to erode,
Plunge and not drown, the thoughts were flowing too deep and fast,
It was nothing but a place where our lives were placed and were being draft.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Finally, the cage has opened and the beast has unleashed,
The car stopped at the doors and the brakes could be heard under the miles screeched,
Hi, mentor me, read my mind and call out to the destiny,
I won’t ever loathe you, neither your possessed gravity,

Take me higher, pause in between the lines, stars beckon me,
Spree out in the deep ocean of love to the forbidden thee,
Silenced under the forsaken brevity of the dirty riding souls of the past,
Shadow the grave and walk past by the lost uncovered face of the mask,

Action figures, pick out, freak out, and move,
Two past midnight, ride the freaking bus, to the edge of the cliff,
The brakes applied were too stiff,
Cry out and reach towards the end of the point and push it till you feel the groove

Do you like it, the ripened slice of the bite you took?
Can you recall every moment and the blinded emotions you shook?
Proper or improper insanity of you, the implicit awakening,
I’ll take you the edge of the tunnel and far, give me a hint and it'll be straightened,

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Traits of a Fool

Bed sheet totally unwrapped covered the timeline,
Listen my friend; I've been searching for you till the end,
You have been gone for so long, to that unfollowed trend,
Picture this; it was the miraculously free, sojourn end,

The snake's eyes with the everlasting cold glare,
I wish i could fill them with some fulfilling flair,
Lust was the enigma of that crawler, but lost on to her mistress,
Covered himself with the sharp aroma his soul, just to ride on her high spirit.

Bring me to light and give me that freedom, beyond those sand dunes,
Fire and agony won’t keep me from relieving that pain that i have carried for so long,
This journey won’t end, until you have realized the true meaning of the words,
The words I’ve been looking in those snakes eyes.

Burdened by the nature's advice and cradle,
Those woods are always running after you to hold and grab you in the so called softness,
That deceiving softness is nothing but a simplified form of a mystique,
Fringed in between the small holes, trap the sunlight in the widened layers.

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Last Rites

Let the priest take me to the last rider,

I will wait for the sun ride upon me and I will take it to the last stride,

How much will I cover my tracks to the center of the gravity,

And the last of the rituals and I will define the events and its brevity,

Every drop of sins I have done, and the formations,

The sinner has finally beckoned my call to the destiny,

Hallelujah, and the deepest grief and all the finest streaks,

I am the one till the last one of the final frontier, I AM the freak,

I won't call out your name, neither the last rite,

Moments of plunder and disaster, every drop of my blood I will fight,

Fortifications of every wall, and the until I reach the fizz,

The ooze of the emotions of the commotions, you are insane,

Hi, you are the immortal, rising from the unborn ashes of the risen,

Expand your horizons and call out his name,

Every shot of expressions you have caught, the glory and the fame,

Well, catch a glimpse, pop out and until you realize you are dead and you all are but a GAME...

Birthday Gift To My Mum.


Mentor Of The Heart & Eternal Redemption

Fine achievements, great descriptions, and varied imaginations,
All are true but fail against one entity; god created her and gave us inspiration,
Mother, a soft notion, a soft word, hit amongst every generation,
What a best way to say Happy Birthday Sangeeta Mohan,

A long journey, a start you took, from a small house to this big store,
Responsibilities and headed everything that came your way and things to explore,
Faced every hard ship one could imagine and can wonder still stood strong,
Lost a lot of things at a very fresh age, had to cover many miles singing the same song,

Moved to a new place, new faces and a new life, and you gave one,
Makes me wonder, the way you managed everything and handled me, took all in a great fun,
Wind blew in all sorts of direction; still you fought and stood still,
A person like can never go down and will always remain at the top of every hill,

I stand here narrating every word, because of you, and the life you gave I am living,
You have taught people around you to bind everything in the strongest of the strings,
For me my god, you are there, and you will always be worshipped as the supreme,
If all anything I could do in this lifetime, is to fulfill all of your incomplete dreams.


Your Son.