Friday, December 30, 2011

A Bagful of Sand

The vicious eyes lead to the nerve endings that carve out your brain,
You tend to end up yourself drowned in that narrow drain,
Don’t restrain and muscle out your way out of bewilderment and not refrain,
Hold me let’s get together and walk in that soaking rain,

Circling around the circles that pull out your hair till they screech out every chord of yours,
Picturing the insinuation caused by the heavy desperate call out of your name,
Can’t stand or walk, move behind the back of your shadow that’s all what you think,
Don’t cover your path and move out of the way and make way for all the burdens of shame,

Justify every movement, every revolution you've put against yourself to fight,
It's nothing but a plea to move out in the shades and begin a new unprecedented flight,
Twist the mirror look above and into the sky and give a stare to your eyes,
Chuckle knuckle and brace up you will lead yourself in the tunnel full of light,

Knees weak, bone cracked, head strong, made a great positioning out of the rough foot marks,
Ride it till you can, there always a limit to the end of what you will reach one day,
Boost up, blood shot and high, get ready for everything because they are the sharks,
Light up the deep blue seas and the deep abyss with your enormity and leave everyone in dismay.

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