Friday, December 30, 2011

Hypnotic Blasphemy

Stoned to the ground, head still handing high in the sky and uptight,
Last night exorcism, and the flapped wings inside the kindled brain,
Amused the stares of the various onlookers on that stage,
Darling, you’ve set the world on fire, time to fringe the shinning’s and hold on to your refrains.

Demise of the shooting star in the backyard of your dreams,
Run out of the closet because you can only hear the screams,
If the dryness is too much for you to cling on to,
Bulge to the edge of the river of love you've kept hidden, and move into that sweet flow,

Hypnotic blasphemy that’s what you call the events when they turn around facing you,
Forget what you have loved too many times and the colors and the hue,
Snowflakes like the trickling time that ticks in finite infinities of the closed bridges and spaced walls,
Avenge the forbidden savior, your soul, your creed and rise from those many and countless free unwanted falls,

Streets were full of the candies and the cottons and the frills with the fake thrills,
Realize the gravity of the conspiration this world brings forward in front of you to tarnish the reality,
For the rest the shinning’s and the glitters is nothing but a sake of formality,
On the other hand, the beckoned call, mist uncovered from your eyes you can hear the shrill,

Wonder the thunders and astounded blunders that you have made and frisked the time,
Hi, I am you and you can see beyond me, out lasting the shaved grass on the garden of your fort,
Rained and rained and felt like drained, stood out for the mast, the ship has now sailed,
Assassinate the repudiated conventions of the destructively past and let your name be hailed.

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