Monday, December 5, 2011

Birthday Gift To My Mum.


Mentor Of The Heart & Eternal Redemption

Fine achievements, great descriptions, and varied imaginations,
All are true but fail against one entity; god created her and gave us inspiration,
Mother, a soft notion, a soft word, hit amongst every generation,
What a best way to say Happy Birthday Sangeeta Mohan,

A long journey, a start you took, from a small house to this big store,
Responsibilities and headed everything that came your way and things to explore,
Faced every hard ship one could imagine and can wonder still stood strong,
Lost a lot of things at a very fresh age, had to cover many miles singing the same song,

Moved to a new place, new faces and a new life, and you gave one,
Makes me wonder, the way you managed everything and handled me, took all in a great fun,
Wind blew in all sorts of direction; still you fought and stood still,
A person like can never go down and will always remain at the top of every hill,

I stand here narrating every word, because of you, and the life you gave I am living,
You have taught people around you to bind everything in the strongest of the strings,
For me my god, you are there, and you will always be worshipped as the supreme,
If all anything I could do in this lifetime, is to fulfill all of your incomplete dreams.


Your Son.

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