Sunday, December 18, 2011


Skinned, uncovered emotions, fragile now and cant make a sound,
forced to, unforcefully, had to touch the ground,
The world had enough room, and I was not the only one,
Better I took the chances and marched on, than to rest and felt undone,

Its not too late, a lot of ground has yet to be covered under these heels,
Met a stranger and life changed, supersonic, I started to feel,
Curtained the prevailing curtailing, and waited for the dust to settle,
Wow, unplanned and sudden, it came in grabs, and I motioned the shuttle,

Drinks, cigarrates, happy times, showed me to live in the living,
Past seemed like a distant nightmare, no, felt it like a unjustified forgiving,
Bliss, sleepless nights, smile, felt so distant, could now feel it mine,
All to express and none to crave, body felt like reached THE shrine,

Alive, pumping, want to rest, the wrongs became right, and was love struck,
Touched, yet to be, heard, million times, the craving, you left me on the string,
Come back soon, I am waiting, the doors are opened and eyes are wide for you ring,
Take me away from there, I am sitting and waiting for you till the end of this rhyme.

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