Monday, December 5, 2011

The Last Rites

Let the priest take me to the last rider,

I will wait for the sun ride upon me and I will take it to the last stride,

How much will I cover my tracks to the center of the gravity,

And the last of the rituals and I will define the events and its brevity,

Every drop of sins I have done, and the formations,

The sinner has finally beckoned my call to the destiny,

Hallelujah, and the deepest grief and all the finest streaks,

I am the one till the last one of the final frontier, I AM the freak,

I won't call out your name, neither the last rite,

Moments of plunder and disaster, every drop of my blood I will fight,

Fortifications of every wall, and the until I reach the fizz,

The ooze of the emotions of the commotions, you are insane,

Hi, you are the immortal, rising from the unborn ashes of the risen,

Expand your horizons and call out his name,

Every shot of expressions you have caught, the glory and the fame,

Well, catch a glimpse, pop out and until you realize you are dead and you all are but a GAME...

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