Thursday, December 8, 2011

Traits of a Fool

Bed sheet totally unwrapped covered the timeline,
Listen my friend; I've been searching for you till the end,
You have been gone for so long, to that unfollowed trend,
Picture this; it was the miraculously free, sojourn end,

The snake's eyes with the everlasting cold glare,
I wish i could fill them with some fulfilling flair,
Lust was the enigma of that crawler, but lost on to her mistress,
Covered himself with the sharp aroma his soul, just to ride on her high spirit.

Bring me to light and give me that freedom, beyond those sand dunes,
Fire and agony won’t keep me from relieving that pain that i have carried for so long,
This journey won’t end, until you have realized the true meaning of the words,
The words I’ve been looking in those snakes eyes.

Burdened by the nature's advice and cradle,
Those woods are always running after you to hold and grab you in the so called softness,
That deceiving softness is nothing but a simplified form of a mystique,
Fringed in between the small holes, trap the sunlight in the widened layers.

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