Sunday, December 11, 2011


Finally, the cage has opened and the beast has unleashed,
The car stopped at the doors and the brakes could be heard under the miles screeched,
Hi, mentor me, read my mind and call out to the destiny,
I won’t ever loathe you, neither your possessed gravity,

Take me higher, pause in between the lines, stars beckon me,
Spree out in the deep ocean of love to the forbidden thee,
Silenced under the forsaken brevity of the dirty riding souls of the past,
Shadow the grave and walk past by the lost uncovered face of the mask,

Action figures, pick out, freak out, and move,
Two past midnight, ride the freaking bus, to the edge of the cliff,
The brakes applied were too stiff,
Cry out and reach towards the end of the point and push it till you feel the groove

Do you like it, the ripened slice of the bite you took?
Can you recall every moment and the blinded emotions you shook?
Proper or improper insanity of you, the implicit awakening,
I’ll take you the edge of the tunnel and far, give me a hint and it'll be straightened,

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