Friday, July 27, 2012

Beginning of the End

It was a long stretched journey till the coffin had to be buried,
Sojourned and disembarked at the same and the poor child, hurried,
Intention the unknown devil of the poor crank hit him like the wave,
Softening the trunks of the shaded trees, and for the fruits they crave,

Keyed in the heavy inputs for the softer openings,
Complexity was too much and so were the much companionship restraining,
Fortune teller was so high; he couldn’t touch the ground,
There was no room to hide, until that old room was found,

The events had no chains and the djinn was kept under the leash,
Subscription to the other world, and the momentarily snitches were hidden beneath,
Glimpses of the shadows that followed those openings and cried,
Hell wasn't far, souls were dipped and prepared, and the bodies were fried,

Waiting around with a bucket bound to the neck for the price,
Offered a role in the neighbor of the devil himself, gratified with peace,
A gentle creak and the ears thirsty for some more noise, empty were the grave,
Sitting all alone the garden watching those stones become his everlasting crave.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Relics of Lusted Love

The willow on the bed cracked and the lamp shade faded,
Slowly moving out of time the land started shifting with the love jaded,
Nightmare dipped in the prefect blend of shadows,
Streets were full of withered leaves singing the tired mellows,

Caught in between the strings of trust and faith,
The fool was lead on to believe the mighty clouds full of love, were a wraith,
Cracked were the walls, with riveting out nails out of the paintings,
Lonely enough to find the fake deliverance of those things,

Soft spot and the sweet dent within the ushered curtains that hid the room,
Charred and scattered pieces on the floor needed more than a broom,
The three words, oh really, the fate and events and the deliberations,
Was the cotton as pure as it reflected in the real and was the affections?

The mirrored projections shown were enough to build the dreamt of castle,
But the heart couldn’t resist the old feelings, and brought upon miseries and hassles,
It rained and poured the roof couldn't hold for too long,
The lusted love, made it too weak, that once you deemed as strong.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Coup de Self

Bullet out of the gun, the clock has shot the sweat,
Save yourself, redeem, fight yourself because you are the biggest threat,
A comedy of circus, too short flight out of the box into the hall,
Bright billboards, short films, spilled out of hands, the golden ball,

Leisure and sports never go hand in hand, till the devil is in the stands,
Ignorance and the pretense of what affection is showered as LOVE,
Cravings of the intelligent pacify the needs of the ignorant fool,
Move out of the shadows not of try to hide the reality, and don't drool,

Love hurts, that’s what they say, pain is just the onset of the war,
Raging is what beneath oneself is the energy of a new born star,
Embalming the scenes and the panorama around the self in destruction,
Ask one where has this lead to and what is that dirty backyard construction,

The brute force within, the aftermath and capture of the feathers,
Orbiting forever the reality inside the brain and not the captivity of the lies,
For what lies inside the mortal and the habits that are never justified,
Binded by the motionless swings of the time, outrun the insanity of Lovers.

Pin Cushion

No matter the apple is ripe it is bitter in the end,
Tinkles of wine on the forehead and the mood is in swing my friend,
Love is in the air, the nerves are ever so pumped,
The innocent, heart, the true never knew of the later grindings,

Fragilities hit upon the tree birch and the leaves fell,
On to the grass trying to rot under the shadows of entrusted love,
Kept lying around the seeds of the fallen fruits around the well,
Shattered to the core like the fluttered wings of the dove,

Heavy price paid, to shed off the burdens sailing in the salted emotions,
Cushioned the pins thrusted promised to handle covered by hard earned situations,
Snap of the finger and the promise to live and die, ended too soon,
Unnoticed it went, deemed as mistake, deliberate the actions you were the fool,

Could feel the sweetness on the tongue, unable to handle its effects,
There were a few roses left in the garden, all had come with some or the other defects,
No room for rush at the bottom of the cliff, too crowded with the bodies,
Wish you had kept things pure and not landed in the state of sorries.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Loose Endings

Harder than the rock and weaker than the air,
Once you experience the enormity you won’t know its flare,
Binged by the stupid discussions forever,
Let’s end the topic right here, instead of sitting in the moment full of stares,

Pull up the windows and the frames; let the light flow in,
Too soft and too slow the movement is so heavy inside like a sin,
Nearest of the dreams and the distant visions seem full of life,
Scared to throat the fall of the dominos and the razor edge sharp knife,

The cave had set on him by the signal flare he shot high above,
Events started as prophesized to fall on him,
His hands were caught without the gloves,
Burnt by the burden more the heat, not so tired but shaken up sorry hymn,

Tighten the grip and drop loose the defective grip,
Life is full of short moments made to thrill,
Laughter and pride, the chants of the monks, to that blood drip,
Alone or together, hunt forward with pride and speed, as there is no time to kill.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Might or Mistake

Crossroads, the journey has just begun, not to pull down,
Moving up on the hill, don’t let the heart be concealed,
Keep the feelings deeply stuffed inside that withered patched up gown,
Mangoes or the apple orchards seemed the same rest he was just afraid,

The snow fall had just begun; winter seemed on the step,
Blues started ringing in the ears, fell on the covers of the trees,
Cried out long, pasted within the walls of his conscious banging the door,
Was he trapped in the bars, or stuck behind his own prolonged demands,

Feeble his footsteps out of the patchy yet so gloomy farm,
The events were openly listed for him to verify his deeds and his lost charm,
Reprimanded almost at every certainty by others for his thought,
There wasn't a single moment or a moment for his glory to be caught,

Not a single debt to be paid, free from all the mortgages on hi head,
Recalled and rebuffed, unafraid without any threats, his arms were wide spread,
Deep within the silence of the herds and the sweet melody of the birds,
He laid the voice of his own, to be kept safe, from the rest never to be heard,

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tailing The Circle

Creeping slowly inside hollow trying to fill,
It’s like you are back to the same landslide down the hill,
Attempts to lunge and plunge into the fresh waters no matter,
Carrying the dirt along at the end eventually shatters,

What it feels to lay low to be risen back again,
Is it the same that tends to drag you down back to the summer rains,
Cover up, or patching up the bruised up tracks,
Let them heal in the open, else they will leave dirty patchy cracks,

Emotional bliss, to the heavy winds to find that gentle kiss,
Lost in the deepest of the translations avoiding the contact,
Running in circles, catching up the tails trying to overcome the attack,
It won’t end so soon, reach to the root and you will find no room,

Hold out to the hand, lead in to the cliffs to the shore,
Waiting the boat to sailing waters leading to the destination,
Rescuing the running blood in your body from the state of desperation,
Unknowing, knowingly the battle will be won at the end, with the highest score.              

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Book

The streets are filled with colors of lights and that of joy,
The children are waving at the time, to cherish it in times of coy,
Its the book keeper marking every step and every note that stitches the pages,
All has been set and done, from sinners to the sages,

The writer took off in hurry to put down what he had noted,
Everything around seemed to him like a short form of his life’s history,
Into the ancient walls he had been plastering over and over again,
Deemed to lose at the end eventually called out for the profits with no gains,

The infinite bringing in the lights of the sun shades,
The rising fire flies i had besieged, and for what I had raised the flag,
The dangerous beckoning of the natures calls,
Finally the mortal cried about the money and the numerous cravings,

Hanging by the thread, this moment,
Fragile at the end, highly threatened,
Pick your lines carefully weighing their gravity,
Or else you'll quickly lose your sanity.

Monetary Faith

Forever young and golden the ages we pretend to fall into,
It never ceases to amaze the trickery it presents impromptu,
No religion no caste binds people in a way money binds,
Faith put on top of other forever scrutinizes and make you blind,

In the quest for faith and super-stitched-stitions ,
No pride filled with utmost possessions, attest the show off notions,
Easy to pull off the demoted convictions,
Rising on top of the rested attachments held for too long to become abrasions,

Falling into the hands of the healthy greedy,
put under rest and empty handed are the rightful needy,
Movement on the run forever to the mountains in search for the shelter,
Reason after everything and nothing that’s what been left to cherish,

Painting the walls red, the sun wasn't to bright for the color,
To the night, where the milkyness of the moon had its own flavor,
Breeding out of everyone existing under the false shadows is not easy,
Run by the priests to the people; work undone by all too breezy,