Friday, July 27, 2012

Beginning of the End

It was a long stretched journey till the coffin had to be buried,
Sojourned and disembarked at the same and the poor child, hurried,
Intention the unknown devil of the poor crank hit him like the wave,
Softening the trunks of the shaded trees, and for the fruits they crave,

Keyed in the heavy inputs for the softer openings,
Complexity was too much and so were the much companionship restraining,
Fortune teller was so high; he couldn’t touch the ground,
There was no room to hide, until that old room was found,

The events had no chains and the djinn was kept under the leash,
Subscription to the other world, and the momentarily snitches were hidden beneath,
Glimpses of the shadows that followed those openings and cried,
Hell wasn't far, souls were dipped and prepared, and the bodies were fried,

Waiting around with a bucket bound to the neck for the price,
Offered a role in the neighbor of the devil himself, gratified with peace,
A gentle creak and the ears thirsty for some more noise, empty were the grave,
Sitting all alone the garden watching those stones become his everlasting crave.

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