Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tailing The Circle

Creeping slowly inside hollow trying to fill,
It’s like you are back to the same landslide down the hill,
Attempts to lunge and plunge into the fresh waters no matter,
Carrying the dirt along at the end eventually shatters,

What it feels to lay low to be risen back again,
Is it the same that tends to drag you down back to the summer rains,
Cover up, or patching up the bruised up tracks,
Let them heal in the open, else they will leave dirty patchy cracks,

Emotional bliss, to the heavy winds to find that gentle kiss,
Lost in the deepest of the translations avoiding the contact,
Running in circles, catching up the tails trying to overcome the attack,
It won’t end so soon, reach to the root and you will find no room,

Hold out to the hand, lead in to the cliffs to the shore,
Waiting the boat to sailing waters leading to the destination,
Rescuing the running blood in your body from the state of desperation,
Unknowing, knowingly the battle will be won at the end, with the highest score.              

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