Monday, July 23, 2012

Loose Endings

Harder than the rock and weaker than the air,
Once you experience the enormity you won’t know its flare,
Binged by the stupid discussions forever,
Let’s end the topic right here, instead of sitting in the moment full of stares,

Pull up the windows and the frames; let the light flow in,
Too soft and too slow the movement is so heavy inside like a sin,
Nearest of the dreams and the distant visions seem full of life,
Scared to throat the fall of the dominos and the razor edge sharp knife,

The cave had set on him by the signal flare he shot high above,
Events started as prophesized to fall on him,
His hands were caught without the gloves,
Burnt by the burden more the heat, not so tired but shaken up sorry hymn,

Tighten the grip and drop loose the defective grip,
Life is full of short moments made to thrill,
Laughter and pride, the chants of the monks, to that blood drip,
Alone or together, hunt forward with pride and speed, as there is no time to kill.

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