Friday, July 20, 2012

Might or Mistake

Crossroads, the journey has just begun, not to pull down,
Moving up on the hill, don’t let the heart be concealed,
Keep the feelings deeply stuffed inside that withered patched up gown,
Mangoes or the apple orchards seemed the same rest he was just afraid,

The snow fall had just begun; winter seemed on the step,
Blues started ringing in the ears, fell on the covers of the trees,
Cried out long, pasted within the walls of his conscious banging the door,
Was he trapped in the bars, or stuck behind his own prolonged demands,

Feeble his footsteps out of the patchy yet so gloomy farm,
The events were openly listed for him to verify his deeds and his lost charm,
Reprimanded almost at every certainty by others for his thought,
There wasn't a single moment or a moment for his glory to be caught,

Not a single debt to be paid, free from all the mortgages on hi head,
Recalled and rebuffed, unafraid without any threats, his arms were wide spread,
Deep within the silence of the herds and the sweet melody of the birds,
He laid the voice of his own, to be kept safe, from the rest never to be heard,

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