Monday, September 24, 2012

The Lost Cause

Deep regrets and sorrow, blame yourself to land in the emotions you borrowed,
A new life or the one perished, mean nothing, filled with hot air and dried tears,
Depth and the shallow heart felt sorries won’t budge the soul,
It’s the lost cause of love and the troubled heart has lost the war with the mind,

Disturbed and stretched, misunderstandings lead on to the brick pelted from the wall,
Move out of the way, leave no trail, the shadow remains to be faded away,
Headlines burst open the eyes and pops out a new fresh tear until another vanishes,
Tried to be the one, but forgot the count after the one had changed,

Pin pricked and dusted away from the so called closed bond, harsh and bitter,
Out of control and lost in the game played between us, left a strong jitter,
Man with the gun, said to himself, you'd run out of bullets, drop it,
A waste of an idea to be pondered nonetheless, was a complete misfit,

Bury the past to live the present for the distant future to come,
Trippy was the ride, misconception of a fool, riddled across the soul,
Fell blind in the eyes, seemed to never come back until to realize the big hole,
Hurt as many times in the notion of love to uproot its dwelling from my home.

Face or Haze

Tremendous energy the rock hit the bottom without a noise,
These many miles covered under the attack of the aging wisdom without a choice,
Final the respite offered by the poor to the rich under the culted belt,
There are options in life and there are things no one can't do without help,

Singing to the rhythms of the never unheard beats upbeats the harmony of life,
Scoop up with the marching on off the real bites of the tragedies that hit you,
Vulnerable the thoughts that pulled up in the time that caught up within the straight frame,
Bended them with the burdens of the reality and color them with black white hues,

Drained every bit of the fashion left in to cover the real with the unreal,
A lot of wood was burnt to keep the body warm and the air was ever so surreal,
Inside the rear, the back stage of the store, were kept the tool left to be explored,
No one to try and no one to hide, there were many yet few of them had the time to get floored,

Moving out of the deep mystery of what to do and what had been done,
The selfish and free, all had the same test just waiting to be run,
In few moments, carving the flow and soon the light lit up the the room filled with them all,
There was nothing left in haze, there were faces that always kept leaving the same hall.

Endless Wait

Directing the moments into a better direction, launched a mission just to win her love back,
Been a fool a million times, lost out on opportunities that paved way and made more cracks,
Crop circles or the candy floss, the sugar never tasted so bitter the day I felt your gap,
I know you've heard this from me a lot before, baby I am not a fake, for my love is true,

Lines drawn crooked and the circles rounded just like a wind breeze,
Come back to my arms, let me make up for the things I've done and let that moment freeze,
Crawling through the streets fighting my own shadow in search for the you,
Trust me give me a chance I’ll be your stamp and you be my glue

For me I am serving a justified pain and suffering under my burning skin,
After and after the one I see is you and you, please forgive me for my sin,
I’ll be your man, just come of the grays and never let us go into the big gloom,
My voice, my breathe, my soul is crying every moment to be with, to be your groom,

Pulled to the ends, the roped stretched and etched my life, be the scarlet of my life,
Trigger to my head, I don't know what will I do without you and my failed existence,
I will reach out to you at every corner, every blind turn I can get to you, for I am too persistent,
Be the bliss, I have erased every glitch, for the page I turn now is blank without you my love.

Petition for Love

Notifications, desperation and the wealthy yet so filthy imaginations of the destitute,
Never imagined will land in the sand so quick and submissive,
Insightful however are the ideas of development may it be the love of his,
It wasn't enough for the spider web he spun along with it poisoned his own creative gift.

How fast time flies pretends the events never fired and trimmed the real meaning of power,
Funny thing about that is the punch and crunch lies safe within us for the time is the carrier,
Spectacularly the brightness lit the whole room enough to blind for the heavy drapes were falling,
The pain and the surprise all were like the mixed pack of various cigarettes ready to burn up,

Face up, the consequences of what he had done, dropped the glass and shattered pieces,
Walking the life on the brim line he made for himself, hoping to catch her again,
Every feeling, the last drop of that shattered glass had the purest love he possessed,
For the disgust that brought him threw him more and more away from her,

An image of the best he could ever dreamt of, the way she had always been with him,
He cried for nights to forget the days, the way she kept up and adjusted, he was amazed,
For it’s not too late to file a petition to win her love back,
For the time left, let's make it a beautiful place to live in filled with memories to save and die for.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Pretty much high to note that how fast the time flies,
We have moved too far to catch upon the butterflies sitting on our backs,
Love and the catch that follow after it are the turn and burn of the soul,
It’s just a phase, hold on and try to grab my wings, I’ll be cool.

Tell me what you want to say, more than trying to be afraid,
Pull my hair, and raise the flag too high to get me to the deepest grave,
Millions miles may wonder the journey we put to rest,
There are very few in this world ready and build to give this big test,

Picture perfect moments we've spent, to the jinxed glories we've have sensed,
It’s all the righteous and the absolute defined in the books,
So what we fought and cried, the crops are always dried before they are tried,
Governed by the love we spun, there was nothing more and nothing less to hide,

Strict to the love, spent under the shades of the twisted demons of past,
Cover and degrade the burnt pages of the stupid files, boom and blast,
Catch my reflection, jump and sling on the branches spun for you,
Fly with patience to the heavens, for our love is always true,