Monday, September 24, 2012

Endless Wait

Directing the moments into a better direction, launched a mission just to win her love back,
Been a fool a million times, lost out on opportunities that paved way and made more cracks,
Crop circles or the candy floss, the sugar never tasted so bitter the day I felt your gap,
I know you've heard this from me a lot before, baby I am not a fake, for my love is true,

Lines drawn crooked and the circles rounded just like a wind breeze,
Come back to my arms, let me make up for the things I've done and let that moment freeze,
Crawling through the streets fighting my own shadow in search for the you,
Trust me give me a chance I’ll be your stamp and you be my glue

For me I am serving a justified pain and suffering under my burning skin,
After and after the one I see is you and you, please forgive me for my sin,
I’ll be your man, just come of the grays and never let us go into the big gloom,
My voice, my breathe, my soul is crying every moment to be with, to be your groom,

Pulled to the ends, the roped stretched and etched my life, be the scarlet of my life,
Trigger to my head, I don't know what will I do without you and my failed existence,
I will reach out to you at every corner, every blind turn I can get to you, for I am too persistent,
Be the bliss, I have erased every glitch, for the page I turn now is blank without you my love.

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