Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Pretty much high to note that how fast the time flies,
We have moved too far to catch upon the butterflies sitting on our backs,
Love and the catch that follow after it are the turn and burn of the soul,
It’s just a phase, hold on and try to grab my wings, I’ll be cool.

Tell me what you want to say, more than trying to be afraid,
Pull my hair, and raise the flag too high to get me to the deepest grave,
Millions miles may wonder the journey we put to rest,
There are very few in this world ready and build to give this big test,

Picture perfect moments we've spent, to the jinxed glories we've have sensed,
It’s all the righteous and the absolute defined in the books,
So what we fought and cried, the crops are always dried before they are tried,
Governed by the love we spun, there was nothing more and nothing less to hide,

Strict to the love, spent under the shades of the twisted demons of past,
Cover and degrade the burnt pages of the stupid files, boom and blast,
Catch my reflection, jump and sling on the branches spun for you,
Fly with patience to the heavens, for our love is always true,

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