Monday, September 24, 2012

The Lost Cause

Deep regrets and sorrow, blame yourself to land in the emotions you borrowed,
A new life or the one perished, mean nothing, filled with hot air and dried tears,
Depth and the shallow heart felt sorries won’t budge the soul,
It’s the lost cause of love and the troubled heart has lost the war with the mind,

Disturbed and stretched, misunderstandings lead on to the brick pelted from the wall,
Move out of the way, leave no trail, the shadow remains to be faded away,
Headlines burst open the eyes and pops out a new fresh tear until another vanishes,
Tried to be the one, but forgot the count after the one had changed,

Pin pricked and dusted away from the so called closed bond, harsh and bitter,
Out of control and lost in the game played between us, left a strong jitter,
Man with the gun, said to himself, you'd run out of bullets, drop it,
A waste of an idea to be pondered nonetheless, was a complete misfit,

Bury the past to live the present for the distant future to come,
Trippy was the ride, misconception of a fool, riddled across the soul,
Fell blind in the eyes, seemed to never come back until to realize the big hole,
Hurt as many times in the notion of love to uproot its dwelling from my home.

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