Sunday, March 24, 2013


The masters of the seas and the sun,
Inside the broken branches lies hidden my gun,
I might try to keep it away from me,
I am not propelled, it just the feeling of being free,

Loud noises and hidden cravings beckon the animals,
The woods worry me; the misty winds bring my spine to a crackle,
The bottle and a pipe in hand, nights feel like light,
With the soft guitar and moon by my side I am ready for the flight,

Far away from the shallow roars of the world,
Let there be no one for me to be heard,
For this night and the next night to be followed,
I am fresh and ready waiting for my soul to be swallowed,

Heavy and those ineffective distant dreams, full of sorrows,
Re-structure your thoughts; come out of the deep dead wallows,
All the stabs and their still open wounds remind me of the love,
Crush the penchants left behind, and aim for the sky above.

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