Saturday, June 30, 2012


Deep in to the finest of lands I landed,
Into the finest of the cravings I confined,
To trust the bindings that caught me within.
They are the embedded separating infinites,

Tough calls, heavy clocks, in the midst of the routine,
Tackling them all and handling and trying to be evergreen,
Forcing the path along the road to fit in it,
Everything had to be done very quickly, time was very swift.

Vocal and unfocussed the divine efforts that he had to put,
Submerged inside the hideous nature deep this had started to rust,
Peppered and garnished the full fledged movements deep lying,
There was not a single movement that fell and yet he kept trying,

In the shortage of the short time spans that led to the cramps,
Unadulterated the feelings and emotions fueled up the glory lamps,
Insight and the folklore sought many millions miles he lived to hear,
His was one of those to be adored and deemed by the rest as the frontier.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Heaven's Tears

The heavens poured their precious tears,
Upon the thirsty dried baked earth,
I looked to see the tiny droplets,
That to the flowers gave them rebirth,

They sparkle like a diamond,
But their worth to life is greater than,
For no diamond has for us served life,
Like heaven's tears do for a man,

I see the flowers that seem to smile,
And watch the grass before me grow,
The only part of this I dread,
For soon its time again to mow,

The boats, that on the dock, stack to the ground,
Will now be heard as the motors roar,
I know not why the heaven's cried,
Yet happy for their tears once more....

Monday, June 25, 2012

Stepping Forward

Finally stepped out of the fortress to enter the grounds,
it wasn't easy to march forward with so many hounds,
to tackle them dangers, needed a lot of courage,
Me and energy after all these years had come out of age.

Ignominy of being the one who left the place standing,
many were behind him to punish and do his branding,
Nevertheless with the support of the soul and the heart,
marked every step with faith he had restored and again crafted the start,

Failure, success, boundaries or imaginary staircase to the clouds,
all were built upon the power of what he held at his will and was just proud,
knocking at every door, every corner in search for the hand,
all he could find was nothing and the color of his surroundings were bland ,

Deemed to rise, and destined to succeed, was not a giver,
every moment of horror and cold he fought and did not shiver,
every single glory he leapt on to and was not the coward,
it was the his step forward and the risk that was forever honored.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Blank Trapped Senses

Paved the road out of the tracks,
there was a lot of black to fill in between those cracks,
fidgeting out of the way very small pieces of rocks,
they had to replaced many new ones just like fresh building blocks,

Cannot define in the moment, what has done,
justice was never served in hell, heaven was not the one,
anonymity strike heavy upon those iron ores,
the sail had just begun, there was a lot of time to reach the shore,

The chorus of the few sang out of many,
the draught was widespread, just like the bees without the honey,
echoing from the far lands of the living,
no one was ready to care, and no one was so ever caring,

To the shop, down the narrow lanes and the gates,
Saw a woman, staring, standing without a face,
Countless visions struck the seer,
unfortunate to find out that there were no peers.

Rare Life

Perfect, the distant, from the incomplete,
the yard has nets ready and loaded, yet the fishes were obsolete,
Strings of many and the things of few,
shipping things out of the hands, just like the leaf dew,

Pebbles struck beneath the strong currents,
There were no nothing left in the lake the rocks were blunt,
Left were the remains of the bland flavor of what was dead,
Life was very rare, on which time had fed,

Magnified into the mystical diversity of the found,
life was running after, barking, screaming just like a hound,
journey was too long to be felt on the road,
they were the obstacles, jumping like hiccups in the throat,

The trip had just ended, waiting for another to come,
it was the fight that led to the spark for the revolution,
many came up to the wall, but the brave ones were of the slum,
Nothing was new, something was special, life was rare in every generation.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Squeezing In

Long wait, the wind fell on the clouds to widen the gaps,
The time had passed by numb and undead just enough to be deemed as dead,
Dormantly sitting only memories were the left on which it could fed,
Risen again, back to hold up the handle left untouched perhaps,
Silent were the footsteps on the steep hill,
The work now left to be done only had no time to kill,
All it mattered the efforts and the motive for it had to be completed,
Losing neither was the option, nor could be rejected,
Stifled by the facts the things didn’t budge from their places,
Yet there was a slight hesitation there, that it tried to squeeze in,
Soon to realize and see, like always there waiting many faces,
And of all times this time, the space left was very thin,
Had to break the rust, the cold, shatter the ice to move ahead,
This time was different, the force behind every step was another,
Gushing along were the winds of straightened proportions mixed with strong emotions,
In search for the victory led the destiny and carved out the postponed sensations.