Monday, June 25, 2012

Stepping Forward

Finally stepped out of the fortress to enter the grounds,
it wasn't easy to march forward with so many hounds,
to tackle them dangers, needed a lot of courage,
Me and energy after all these years had come out of age.

Ignominy of being the one who left the place standing,
many were behind him to punish and do his branding,
Nevertheless with the support of the soul and the heart,
marked every step with faith he had restored and again crafted the start,

Failure, success, boundaries or imaginary staircase to the clouds,
all were built upon the power of what he held at his will and was just proud,
knocking at every door, every corner in search for the hand,
all he could find was nothing and the color of his surroundings were bland ,

Deemed to rise, and destined to succeed, was not a giver,
every moment of horror and cold he fought and did not shiver,
every single glory he leapt on to and was not the coward,
it was the his step forward and the risk that was forever honored.

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