Saturday, June 30, 2012


Deep in to the finest of lands I landed,
Into the finest of the cravings I confined,
To trust the bindings that caught me within.
They are the embedded separating infinites,

Tough calls, heavy clocks, in the midst of the routine,
Tackling them all and handling and trying to be evergreen,
Forcing the path along the road to fit in it,
Everything had to be done very quickly, time was very swift.

Vocal and unfocussed the divine efforts that he had to put,
Submerged inside the hideous nature deep this had started to rust,
Peppered and garnished the full fledged movements deep lying,
There was not a single movement that fell and yet he kept trying,

In the shortage of the short time spans that led to the cramps,
Unadulterated the feelings and emotions fueled up the glory lamps,
Insight and the folklore sought many millions miles he lived to hear,
His was one of those to be adored and deemed by the rest as the frontier.

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