Thursday, June 21, 2012

Blank Trapped Senses

Paved the road out of the tracks,
there was a lot of black to fill in between those cracks,
fidgeting out of the way very small pieces of rocks,
they had to replaced many new ones just like fresh building blocks,

Cannot define in the moment, what has done,
justice was never served in hell, heaven was not the one,
anonymity strike heavy upon those iron ores,
the sail had just begun, there was a lot of time to reach the shore,

The chorus of the few sang out of many,
the draught was widespread, just like the bees without the honey,
echoing from the far lands of the living,
no one was ready to care, and no one was so ever caring,

To the shop, down the narrow lanes and the gates,
Saw a woman, staring, standing without a face,
Countless visions struck the seer,
unfortunate to find out that there were no peers.

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