Friday, June 15, 2012

Squeezing In

Long wait, the wind fell on the clouds to widen the gaps,
The time had passed by numb and undead just enough to be deemed as dead,
Dormantly sitting only memories were the left on which it could fed,
Risen again, back to hold up the handle left untouched perhaps,
Silent were the footsteps on the steep hill,
The work now left to be done only had no time to kill,
All it mattered the efforts and the motive for it had to be completed,
Losing neither was the option, nor could be rejected,
Stifled by the facts the things didn’t budge from their places,
Yet there was a slight hesitation there, that it tried to squeeze in,
Soon to realize and see, like always there waiting many faces,
And of all times this time, the space left was very thin,
Had to break the rust, the cold, shatter the ice to move ahead,
This time was different, the force behind every step was another,
Gushing along were the winds of straightened proportions mixed with strong emotions,
In search for the victory led the destiny and carved out the postponed sensations.

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