Friday, April 20, 2012

Planned Chaos

A faint of the drop of tears, trickling down the cheek,
Carrying the wound with you, deciding not be the freak,
The newspaper rolled out inside out like the heartfelt emotions,
Suppressed from long, and the beginning of the infinite revelations.

Plunge, and out again, the routine repeats itself again and again,
Felt like out of it for good, had to take another fall, with so much pain,
Head strong, weak heart, wronged the right in this path for the known unknown,
The call could be heard from long, waiting for the patience to give in to the shown,

The altitude of the attitude mattered at every step, defining every moment,
It is, was, will be risky to frisk the wrongs before the wrong do's you,
Wicked, blues, ahh the music figuring the real sweetness behind it, nascent,
Started again, a fresh, magical, just like fresh leaves and the settled dew,

Vivid, and descriptive, the heart we possess, for what we desire everything,
Nothing has lost the touch neither the candle lit will stop burning,
Time, is and will remain man's best friend and the enemy eluding him from instant truth,
It’s who we are and how we evolve to adapt ourselves in our youth.

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