Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Sail

In the midst of the heavy fog, the ship sailed,
The crew was afraid and unrest but the captain was unamazed,
As soon as it sailed and frayed under the strong current,
There was uneasiness amongst all and the mode was all set blatant,

Mast was on a verge of falling apart, about to ripped any moment,
The noise water made against the woods, made the crew more and more tensed,
This was the many of the sails for captain and it anything new,
But the crew this time was as fresh as the morning wind and they were few,

Stumbling and rumbling, the pressure was so crumbling, the sailors knees were fumbling,
It was the call that the captain had to answer, all now depended on his handling,
With the ship loaded with goods, it shared the space with rum barrels,
Delight on the face of sailors, the pressure eased till their ankles,

The sail had no time, no boundations, the crew was set on a journey with no limits,
It was the test they had been offered with a lot of money into their credits,
Ground was a distant figure for the way they had sought for days now,
Parched completely, with the salt all around them, existence was the common HOW,

A pin prick and the feeble skin, easy to flinch the thin,
All the time everyone kept wondering for what they have been paid ,
What was there worst of the sin,
Only the captain out of the all stood tall and resolute, unafraid,

With the bodies kept falling and the strings started loosening,
The One kept a belief, the notion, the figure, the land in his mind,
With the leaf he saw of the tree of the land, he clasped his hands,
Never let the body defeat the heart, and the Captain marched his band.

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