Saturday, April 14, 2012


Wake up from the bed, eyes heavy, feeling undone,
The thought of keeping alive the ticking off the clock,
There were more boat earlier than there are now on the dock,
It’s not a war, but a race, the finish line is not yours to hold,

Perseverance, patience and a glass full of emotions,
It’s all a key mixture of the feelings and ready for the retributions,
The clouds are pouring heavy, bring the down the cup, recollect,
Under the same sheet, the numbness, the ineffective dumbness, try to connect,

Mind the gaps, the bridge is too big to handle, cover up,
It is the disobedience towards you, leading to the pitfalls,
Move on carefully, there a lot of rocks waiting for you to slip up,
Life is easy, smooth, let time flow like a waterfall,

Philosophies come and go, what is left by is you,
Live by the present, enjoy, taste and digest the life and its various hues,
Retributions of the past, won’t let you enjoy the amendments of today,
Collect the flowers, wrap them, bind them and with you in a sweet bouquet.


ananya garg said...

its a gift... your writings must help people to subsidise their pain.
but what would one do if the own self is the cause of it?

Nishant Mohan said...