Wednesday, April 4, 2012

To The Devil

The horse had been saddled up for the race,
The rider took on the leash full of grace,
Blended with the leather,
And heathen the long lost feathers,

Element of surprise, Look into the eyes, and picture,
There is an image built before the journey, of that creature,
For the fear and the hollow desperation to overcome was clear,
Danger, and the risks, shadowing the cause, empowered his fear,

Frisking the way out of the valleys and the narrow drains,
The conceptual devised it to happen as realistically as the cloud to the rains,
Mythically marching and leaping for the taste of the flavors that had been beckoning,
It was all in his and bound to soul and now was the time for a solid reckoning,

At this footsteps, the disposal of the attack he had to offer,
It all started in a rage and everything can out in the open in a blur,
Out of the cave standing tall, he hit the bottom, to kiss the ground,
Free and to the skies, the war was won, stood tall amongst all in that playground.

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