Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Contract

The rising sun has hit the shore at the end of the sea, never to be touched,
He felt it a millions of times without being hit by the ocean wave,
We all are passengers under the same contracts that beholds the existing,
Not to run and hide from the on goings, nothing to be afraid and to hide,

Sleeping for many days, for over the years are yet to hit the lazy,
Wake up miser, reap under the sun, shine like the crazy,
Rich stairs and the falling chairs, the randomness all around proves to be lethal,
Trip inside the best of the notes you've hit till day, crank up the and stop being feeble,

Numbers and the counts keep on increasing and mould into a different metal,
The contract has begun, its ticking with clocks hymn, every second,
Clap, grasps, fist up the movements, gather all your friends,
Suit up, tighten up, it is ticking, ticking and will slip out one day,

It’s getting darker, the moon has to go, make its way, before you could understand,
Feed yourselves, digest what you've been learned to swallow, and learn to demand,
The drugs no more work, the kick we crave for so much ever so lasting for few moments has died,
Fool, don’t you see, the things don’t work, open your eyes, your brain is getting fried.

"Demonic Suffering leads to Pin Pointed Cranky Happiness"
-Nishant Mohan

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